Losing It All, Then Seeing What You Really Have

DSC_7817I had a minor freak out at work this morning, but let me preface that I am weepy, hormonal, and overworked. I’m not really handling life well, lately. In fact, writing a blog post is a small step in me taking more time for self care — something I desperately need.

So. My minor freak out.

I’ve re-picked up my project to post all about our trip to the UK (very belated, I know). Today, I had planned to sort through the pictures as a catharsis between copy-editing. Except, when I opened up my old computer, I couldn’t find those pictures anywhere. Same with my old external drive.

Same with my new external drive…

I was scheduled to have lunch with old friends from camp and I spent the drive to lunch crying on the phone to Mom. I seriously couldn’t believe that I lost those. I neglected them and once they were gone or corrupted, there was no getting them back. It felt like I’d lost part of my memories and a really good part of my relationship.

Mom did that thing where she is sorry, but quite calm and rational while I am whimpering on the other side of the phone to her. Mom — I want to be you when I grow up. By literally saying nothing, you have an innate ability to calm me down. Please accept my undying gratitude as a late Mother’s Day gift.

I tried very hard not to go through most of lunch as the designated Party Pooper. For reference, I got cheerful because my friends are awesome and I’d like to think I’m not that much of a jerk.

I had calmed down enough by the time I got back to work for some rational thinking. You obviously know where this leads — I found all of the pictures, mislabeled and dated for April of this year. Thanks, Apple.

What am I saying with this post? Realize what is important and treat it like the priceless thing that it is. That advice doesn’t just apply to pictures.

~ Meg

Nothing Better

There’s nothing better than getting on the ground, close to the earth, with a lens like my 55. With such a tool, I can let my love of nature shine through to make meaningful art. I will never be able to thank Marc enough for such a gift.


Reports From the North

I used to walk to the bus stop every morning, 30 minutes earlier than the bus would arrive for some reason, wearing only a hoodie. No jacket. It never bothered me.

Since I moved from West Virginia to North Carolina, I feel like I’ve gone soft. Our winters are ridiculously mild in NC. So, naturally, I’ve frozen the whole time I’ve been back in the homeland. What if my parents had stayed in New York so long ago? Would I feel no temperature? Get really hot in the summer?

I’ve been walking around in my warmest winter coat and Dad has to take off his jacket. I’m really cold, and I think these pictures convey that. Enjoy.


Hiking to Long Point

I hiked the Long Point trail to a slippery precipice overlooking the New River Gorge Bridge on Thanksgiving. Looking back, there’s no other way I’d like to spend the holiday, with the people I care deeply about.

I love hiking in the fall/winter. There’s still beauty and life to be found as nature recedes into hibernation for the season.