Nothing Better

There’s nothing better than getting on the ground, close to the earth, with a lens like my 55. With such a tool, I can let my love of nature shine through to make meaningful art. I will never be able to thank Marc enough for such a gift.


Reports From the North

I used to walk to the bus stop every morning, 30 minutes earlier than the bus would arrive for some reason, wearing only a hoodie. No jacket. It never bothered me.

Since I moved from West Virginia to North Carolina, I feel like I’ve gone soft. Our winters are ridiculously mild in NC. So, naturally, I’ve frozen the whole time I’ve been back in the homeland. What if my parents had stayed in New York so long ago? Would I feel no temperature? Get really hot in the summer?

I’ve been walking around in my warmest winter coat and Dad has to take off his jacket. I’m really cold, and I think these pictures convey that. Enjoy.


Hiking to Long Point

I hiked the Long Point trail to a slippery precipice overlooking the New River Gorge Bridge on Thanksgiving. Looking back, there’s no other way I’d like to spend the holiday, with the people I care deeply about.

I love hiking in the fall/winter. There’s still beauty and life to be found as nature recedes into hibernation for the season.



How To Start a Blog (And Why I Started Mine)


This is an old picture. My desk is not this clean in real life.

I’ve gotten questions from a few people in the past week about how to start a blog. After being flattered and wondering why they asked since I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, I gave my best shot at a helpful answer.

My advice? Don’t let it become an overwhelming endeavor when you’re just starting out. Pick a random name on WordPress or Blogspot and just create it. Think about why you want to have a blog. Realize that if you want to start a writing career, it’s best to either keep your day job at first or to start a viable business that allows you to blog/write on the side. If you want a blog just to write? Just start it and let your brain pour out. Let form and organization come later. That’s the magic of having a brand new outlet — you can change things and people won’t really notice.

Again, the biggest consideration is to think about why you want to start, then act from there.

Why did I start blogging? I first started on LiveJournal in 1999 because it was the thing to do. Think public journal meets Facebook-like approval from peers. As I went on, I found it was a really nice way to get all of my feelings out without having to yell at someone. Then I moved from LiveJournal > MySpace > Facebook > Blogger >… and finally here at my own WordPress-based domain. At this point, I really think I’ve found my voice and a more defined purpose. I like fun, useful content, so I want to be a part of the crowd creating that. It’s why I share a lot of my DIYs and adventures — I think it’s fun and I might have some knowledge to share. Even more? I am super forgetful and it’s nice to have a nifty place to come back and remember what happened.

Do you blog? Why did you start? Would you add anything to my general advice? Let me know!

~ Meg