I Turned 30 & Finally Got Rid of Acne


I’ve been working for a wellness company for a year and a half. Obviously, work life has bled into my regular life. I’ve been experimenting with elimination diets over my time at work and have seen some interesting results. Most of all? I figured out that dairy, and probably caffeine, are having a serious effect on my face.

I quit getting my daily coffee for two weeks and suddenly my face was clear for the first time in, oh, 15 YEARS.


I’m back on the coffee train this week, with one small switch. I’m using almond milk instead of 2% milk. Even then, I think the almond milk isn’t that great for me, since my mouth itches when I drink it. I’m going to try to find a better solution that doesn’t make me tired and ravenous, yet also doesn’t cover my face in allergic reaction boils. Let me know if you’ve found a happy medium.

Some other fun things I’ve learned:

  • Milk makes me feel sick to my stomach, on top of the acne.
  • Some cheeses are still fine. I’m still wading through that.
  • Eggs and Hellman’s mayonnaise give me a headache about an hour after I eat them.
  • Coffee is part of the reason why I have IBS. ❤
  • When I’m not drinking coffee, I have a terrifying appetite.
  • Almond milk, bananas, strawberries, wheat products, and chamomile tea make my mouth itch like crazy.
  • Too much gluten makes me look a little pregnant. I can still eat normal human servings, though.

What are you eating these days? Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “I Turned 30 & Finally Got Rid of Acne

  1. I have a terrifying appetite when I don’t drink coffee too. I kind of view coffee like some people view cigarettes: I “think” it helps keep me thin. Ha ha ha ha. No.

    I’m proud of you for figuring this stuff out! Everyone is different and it takes time and patience to figure all this stuff out.

  2. I’ve been reading a book about fermentation (Wild Fermentation, ed2), and it was talking about how fermented milk products like yogurt, and then also very hard cheeses like parmesan, are way easier for people who have trouble with lactose to digest. So that might be why some cheeses don’t bother you. I’d bet a live culture yogurt would be good too. And almond milk.. idk.. a lot of these milk substitutes have so many chemicals in them that they freak me out. Have you tried different ones? Trader Joes makes a really good coconut milk coffee creamer that I like!

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