Fitness Lately: The Restart


Starting Weight: 186 lbs.
Last Weigh-in: 154 lbs.
This Weigh-in: 160 lbs.

Reality: I kind of shame-left this series for a while. I’ve gained a bit of weight in the past few months and was embarrassed to write about it at the fall check in date (Sept). And the winter one, too (Dec.).  No happy update about me losing weight — just an update with some change and a bit of guilt. Not fun at all.


What Went Right: I caught myself. I restarted MyFitnessPal’s calorie and weight trackers. I’ve also been doing boot camps with coworkers every Friday. Not. Much. Else.

New Goals: 

  • Hit 154 by April 22nd. This goal sounds horribly familiar. But really this time. I have a family wedding to go to and I want to feel my best for it.
  • Try to start eating like real people again.
  • Start running regularly again. Really this time.
  • Yoga 2-3 times a week. No, really. We’ve got the perfect work space for it.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What is your most recent success?

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5 thoughts on “Fitness Lately: The Restart

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  2. I’m hiking the entire Grand Canyon in May so I’m on a deadline to get ripped. LOL. But I got sick and haven’t trained as much as I wanted.. I’m back at it! Go you- you’ll be in awesome shape for the wedding!!! (Or buy a dress that makes you feel amazing.. same thing. haha)

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