Life Update – Spring 2017


Hey. I bet you didn’t expect a post in a non-image dominant format. Surprise! Here’s a stream of consciousness:

  • I’m mainly writing to let you know that I do still exist in blogland, but since I got a full-time gig (and am still maintaining a lot of favors/other things), I have not had the leisure to write like I did before. I don’t miss the contrived posts that happened just because I hadn’t produced content in two days. Or the typical blog format. It’s so 2008, right? No? Well, now that the blog formula is now used in mass media (title is a crazy question, author leads you on a quest, quest is answered hilariously, then a life lesson and a nice sentiment, insert social links here), it’s kind of tiring to try to use it in my every day life.
  • I mentioned that I have a full-time gig. It’s true! I do love it very much and I am ridiculously fortunate to have landed it.
  • I quit drinking coffee. Aside from that first two weeks of headaches, it a) saves me money, b) saves me time because I’m not driving to obtain it, c) helps me heal my super whacked out body from fatigued adrenals et. al., d) helped me realized that decaf English breakfast tea is all I ever wanted from life, e) puts me one step closer to prepping my body for the apocalypse, because it’s impossible to ship coffee with no infrastructure. All in all, I think it’s a win.
  • Gypsy, the cutest kitten, has grown up. She has chilled quite a bit, but still has a streak of mischief. She did completely destroy the blinds. It’s okay. She’s still perfect.
  • I’m back on the weight loss wagon. Again. How many times have I said that? Along with quitting coffee, I’ve limited (not quit, because I like food too much) dairy and gluten, my main inflammation triggers. And when I say inflammation, I mean those moments in time when my stomach decides that it likes maternity clothes better than my own. Everything else stays the same size. I wonder what’s going on in there. Here’s hoping I get back down to my normal, happy weight by my cousin’s wedding in April. I’d like to keep losing after that, as well.
  • I’ve started the garden for the spring. Actually, that started in February. I have a greenhouse now and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Since it’s been so warm, everything grows like crazy anyway. It snowed on Sunday, but it didn’t affect much.
  • I broke my glasses the other day. Always keep a spare, people! I’m so glad I had them, otherwise I’d be walking around with shoddily taped glasses.
  • More and more lately, I’m glad I am not teaching anymore. I keep running into students that are nice enough, but whoaaa. How did I ever do that job?
  • I recently got into throwing projectile implements of stabbiness. I always loved throwing knives and axes at the Renaissance Faire, but never took it beyond that. Now I own throwing stars and knives — and I made my own target the other day. The eventual goal is to buy some axes and add those to the arsenal. I’m actually pretty good with the stars as a beginner. It’s a really cathartic hobby that probably frightens the neighbors.
  • I haven’t done much in the way of sewing lately. Instead, I’ve been focusing more on thinning what possessions I do have in order to get back to it. At the moment, there’s so many projects and clothes that need mending that I get overwhelmed and read a book instead. It’s about time for a purge.
  • I’ve really gotten into books again. You know, it comes and goes in cycles. Sometimes I won’t read for months (audiobooks!), sometimes it’s completely the opposite. I’ve been devouring books lately.
  • Recently, I walked into a Barnes and Noble and it felt like how a Saturday afternoon at Borders used to feel. I got a giant wave of nostalgia for the place. If you’re in the Borders family, know that I think about you a lot and miss you very much.

Happy Spring, everyone!

~ Meg

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