Pre-Travel Checklist Ideas for The Holiday!


Hey everyone! I know a lot of you will be traveling in the next few days, so I thought I’d share some travel tips and this pre-travel checklist.

Before I share the big list, here’s mine, in the form of awkward questions I ask myself:

  • Is someone taking care of the cat? Does she have enough supplies?
  • Dear God, have I taken out the trash? It can make smells.
  • Is everything charged? Do I have enough cords?
  • Do I have everything I need for my fibromyalgia symptoms to be managed well while I’m gone? This includes extra layers of clothing, meds, and every possible contingency item.
  • Do my neighbors know to watch for weird stuff? Until they move, they take care of Gypsy, so that’s two birds with one stone.
  • Do I have my vitals in order? Yes, that sounds scary, but really it’s just knowing where my insurance cards, AAA card, and emergency credit card are living (hopefully in my wallet).

Having a checklist when you travel is pretty crucial to ensuring that you actually have a good time. For instance, I left my emergency credit card at home when we traveled to the UK and suffered for it, waiting for my bank to understand that I wasn’t trying to steal my card in a foreign country. We lost a whole day of travel sites (which we made up later, thankfully) to that one mistake. Checklists. Are. So. Crucial.

So, here’s a pre-travel checklist from Simplisafe home security, the makers of a travel-friendly wireless alarm system:


Have a great Thanksgiving! Let me know if you’ve got any tips that I might have missed!

~ Meg

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