How to Start Freelancing

I recently sent this in an email, but thought I’d share for anyone who is interested. If you’ve got something to add, leave it in the comments!

How to Start Freelancing

Create a blog and be professional on it. I used mine as a portfolio of writing examples. It got me some really good jobs. Don’t use this platform to talk about poop, though it’s tempting.
What is your passion? Poetry? Short stories? Journalism? Find out everything about companies that work in those fields and send out cold emails. See if they’re hiring. If not, send proposals.
Settle… for now. You need to eat food, but keep the big picture in mind. You’re probably going to have to write copy for a tow truck company at some point (true story), but it will build into something you love.
Side Hustle. If you’re freelancing, you’re going to want to juggle several gigs at once, just in case something falls through.
Be paid what you’re worth. Just because you think it’s awesome that you’re writing/photographing/whatever and people are paying you — that doesn’t mean you should do it for nothing. Insist on a living wage (I started last year at $15/hour). Your talent is valuable.
~ Meg

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