The First Real Freelance Vacation 


As you all know, since I’ve started freelancing I have been pretty horrible at work/life boundaries. Then I took a trip to the UK for two weeks. After a series of events back in the US, I finally managed to disconnect for this trip. Hooray!

With all of that said, I will be backdating daily posts from the trip and posting reviews on all of the services (Europcar, Airbnb, etc.) we used. I’ll add links below as I get through them. It’s quite a bit. 🙂

August 14-15: Raleigh > New York (JFK) > London
August 15: London, Day 1
August 16: London, Day 2
August 17: London > Box
August 18: Box > Bracknell > Box
August 19: Box > London
August 20: London > Newcastle upon Tyne
August 21: Newcastle upon Tyne >Stewarton
August 22: Stewarton > Evanton
August 23: Evanton > Penicuik & Edinburgh
August 24: Penicuik > Fort William > Penicuik
August 25: Penicuik > Rothley
August 26: Rothley > London
August 27: London
August 28-29: London > Paris (CDG) > Raleigh

Want some quick fun facts about our trip? Here you go:

  • We drove over 2500 miles
  • We walked 125 miles
  • We visited three countries (England, Scotland, France – airport kinda counts)
  • We got two parking tickets
  • We flattened three tires
  • We saw a hedgehog in the wild
  • I touched standing stones and did not get sucked into the past
  • We met a ton of really great families through Airbnb
  • We visited good friends from Borders
  • We learned the proper way to sleep in airports
  • We learned not to sleep in airports
  • I learned a tiny bit of French
  • We took around 300 GB of photos and video
  • I honed my road laundry skills
  • We smelled kinda bad anyway
  • We stayed in homes older than the US
  • We walked in 1000+ year-old cathedrals
  • I got sick, because that’s what I do when we travel
  • We packed two weeks of clothing and camera equipment into two small carry-ons
  • We packed six months of adventure into two weeks

Stay tuned! I’ve got some interesting plans for changes to the web site soon —

~ Meg

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