The Importance of Self-Care


Otherwise Titled: How to Tell You’ve Overbooked Yourself

I feel like there’s a trend in my blogs over the years. I look back over the archives of past blogs (SingsTheMagpie, Awaiting August, et. al.) and see all the big exams, papers, work deadlines I endured, only to see one real commonality.

Whenever I get stressed out or have too much on my plate, Iย literally make myself sick.

In the past few days, I’ve been doing back-to-back portrait sessions, along with my regular 40-hour weekly schedule. Oh, and my parents were here this weekend. That last part was fun, because my parents are awesome. However, with everything crammed into a tiny span of time, it’s gotten me sick.

I should have noticed the signs with my eye-strain induced almost-infection. Or the quality of “sleep” I’ve been getting. But today I’ve got the sore throat, exhaustion and snots to prove that I need to slow my roll.

As soon as I can, I’m slowing this mess down. What are you doing to take care of yourself this week?

~ Meg

8 thoughts on “The Importance of Self-Care

    • Seriously! I am feeling much better, but I had an off week just feeling blah. I took the time I needed and didn’t work at all this past weekend (unheard of lately). Right as rain now! Thanks for thinking of me!

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