Fitness Lately: The Backslide

mindy running

Starting Weight: 186 lbs.
Last Weigh-in: 150 lbs.
This Weigh-in: 154 lbs.

Reality: I could blame work for having me so busy that I collapse into a puddle of gooey brain matter at the end of the day. Or I could blame the fact that I’ve been on the road for a literal month (I’m writing this on July 3, but backdating for when it should have been posted). Or I could blame the sluggishness that switching to gluten-free life in May caused. But really? When it all comes down to it, I’ve been super lazy this quarter and haven’t taken the time to do much exercise other than yoga, very occasionally. Replacing running with gluten free brownies serves no one.

I am not going to pretend to be okay with it (like so many people are in these types of posts), because I’m not. The post that was originally scheduled for this day was Fitness Lately: The End. I was supposed to be in the 130’s by this summer — my arbitrary sweet spot. But nay. And I’m not going to be “gentle” with myself because I’ve been trying to lose this shit for 5 years. I’ve got experience in being gentle with myself when it comes to gaining back weight and it only leads to me making more excuses for myself and gaining more weight. So, I will kick my own ass back into shape. SO THERE.

What Went Right: See above paragraph. Oh, and I quit gluten. That is a super amazing thing that has lead to a lot of changes (less acne, less fibromyalgia symptoms, last period felt a little less like my uterus was going to fall out). Maybe someday I’ll have the strength to cut my dairy intake in half, as I’m sure that will help just as much.

New Goals: 

  • Hit 149 by September 15th. I will be back in the 140’s by fall, dammit.
  • Start running regularly again. Not just to lose weight, but the added benefit of running will help me deal with work stress.
  • Yoga 2-3 times a week for ultimate bendy awesomeness.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What is your most recent success?

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3 thoughts on “Fitness Lately: The Backslide

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  2. I just have to say that I love your transparency with this journey. I am always inspired by that when you post a fitness update. I’m curious what your “start running regularly” means. I got so out of a running routine after I ran the half TWO YEARS AGO, and have never been able to find a good “normal life” sweet spot with running. I’m just wondering what your goal for each week is as far as that goes. Keep it up. You’re a badass. ❤

    • THANK YOU! Honestly, it’s hard to lose weight/get healthy. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was just a straight path?
      My previous sweet spot was every other day, 2-3 miles or 5 if I was feeling good. I’m aiming for that again.
      PS: You are as much, if not more of a complete badass. You keep doing that. 💜

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