Quick Update: Resolutions and Rocky


Obviously, I failed regarding my New Year’s Resolution to run a race every month. I just wasn’t feeling it in March, though I did run races in January, February, and April. It was kind of a lofty goal for someone who aligns with Gretchen Rubin’s description of a rebellious personality. I pretty much saw it coming. The whole point of the exercise was to get myself back into running again, which did happen. I’ve been happily upping my meager mileage over the past few weeks, and am starting to look forward to my daily runs (and alternatively am super disappointed when I don’t get to).

In hopes of keeping myself similarly accountable to running, I’ve decided to start training for the Rocky Balboa 10k. Mike introduced me to the Rocky movies last year, along with other Stallone classics that I had mysteriously never seen, and I can’t think of a better race to run. Since I’m slow, I obviously won’t be “racing”. But I wan’t to get to the top of those stairs and immerse myself in a classic for just a little while.

If you’re on the east coast, feel free to join me! Registration isn’t up yet, but it will be some time in November.

~ Meg

P.S. Eventually, I’ll be working up to half-marathons and full marathons, because I am insane and evidently really like to run until I start hallucinating. ❤

2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Resolutions and Rocky

  1. I think you’re doing great! I’m not a fan of running when your body says it’s too tired- I think that’s how runners get hurt. A 10k sounds awesome!! Where is it? I do 5ks (on my own, not in a race) fairly often.. I should probably start pushing myself some! (Although I haven’t run in 3 weeks because .. flu. Ugh. I’m better now- I need to get back at it!)

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