How To Start a Blog (And Why I Started Mine)


This is an old picture. My desk is not this clean in real life.

I’ve gotten questions from a few people in the past week about how to start a blog. After being flattered and wondering why they asked since I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, I gave my best shot at a helpful answer.

My advice? Don’t let it become an overwhelming endeavor when you’re just starting out. Pick a random name on WordPress or Blogspot and just create it. Think about why you want to have a blog. Realize that if you want to start a writing career, it’s best to either keep your day job at first or to start a viable business that allows you to blog/write on the side. If you want a blog just to write? Just start it and let your brain pour out. Let form and organization come later. That’s the magic of having a brand new outlet — you can change things and people won’t really notice.

Again, the biggest consideration is to think about why you want to start, then act from there.

Why did I start blogging? I first started on LiveJournal in 1999 because it was the thing to do. Think public journal meets Facebook-like approval from peers. As I went on, I found it was a really nice way to get all of my feelings out without having to yell at someone. Then I moved from LiveJournal > MySpace > Facebook > Blogger >… and finally here at my own WordPress-based domain. At this point, I really think I’ve found my voice and a more defined purpose. I like fun, useful content, so I want to be a part of the crowd creating that. It’s why I share a lot of my DIYs and adventures — I think it’s fun and I might have some knowledge to share. Even more? I am super forgetful and it’s nice to have a nifty place to come back and remember what happened.

Do you blog? Why did you start? Would you add anything to my general advice? Let me know!

~ Meg


25 thoughts on “How To Start a Blog (And Why I Started Mine)

  1. I love your simple advice. I would say that I started in 2012, but I actually had Xanga back in 2005. The point was always an online journal, and I got away from that for a while, and totally miss it.

    • Thank you! I miss it, too. I’ve been horrible at posting lately. And awesome re: Xanga. I never had Xanga, oddly enough. Everything else. Lol

      Good to hear from you!

  2. I started a blog to give myself an online voice and see what others said back. Over time it’s become many things an outlet for creativity, somewhere to find writing advice, a place let go. Thanks for the great post Meghan

  3. Hello, just thought I’d say,this post is very helpful for me. I just started blogging (like yesterday!). Finding this post made me smile and I hope this hobby really sticks out for me! So far, I’m liking the blogging life. I found that when I connect with other people, I feel more motivated to write.

  4. Love this! I started mine because people kept asking me for recipes and I was tired of typing them all separately LOL. I totally agree though- it can be completely overwhelming if you jump in all the way right away. Try to keep it fun!

  5. I started my blog as a way to vent to help myself. When I started feeling better I decided I wanted others to feel this way to. So now I try to help others from my experiences and offer a helping hand about important (or not) issues!

  6. Everyone I did Crossfit with was asking me what I fed my son/coach, so I started blogging all the recipes I was making up. I needed for them to be fast, efficient, delicious, and build health and strength. Sharing is a very good thing!

  7. I remember live journal, it was definitely the place to be. I had a lot of live journal but could never keep up with it because I had a domain with WordPress installed and I definitely liked WordPress more. Awhile ago i found all of my old LJ accounts and it was pretty embarrasing reading my old entries haha

  8. I started a blog to communicate with family about my life in California. I had a toddler and was basically raising him alone and needed the family connection. It morphed into just me and my journey a few years later. My blog will never be successful or a money maker or anything, but it is a creative outlet for me and I enjoy it!

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