In The Works: Travel in 2016


These are my cute parents. I get all of my photography genes from these two.

Holy travel schedules, Batman! We are really cramming everything into this year. Not complaining at all, but it definitely makes for some interesting moments.

So Far, Here’s Where We’ve Already Been

We’ve been traveling around to local parks to practice with our cameras. I’ve gotten really, really good at manual settings, especially compared to where I was last year. Destinations here have included Eno River State Park, Fred G. Bond Park, Yates Mill, and Jordan Lake. We also visited The Great Dismal Swamp, but that wasn’t so local.

I (co)shot my first show at DPAC, one of the local venues in Durham. It was a Star Trek symphony and I loved it. Perfect first show to shoot.

We went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to shoot the first wedding of the year… on Leap Day. It was pretty much the sweetest wedding I’d ever seen. It was a couple coming together like the Brady Bunch to make one family and they included all four kids in the ceremony. Seriously. I cried. More so than usual.

Even though it’s only three months into the year, we’ve been busy almost every weekend. It’s a traveler’s dream. If I missed any, I will try to update this post later.

Here’s What We’ve Got Planned

More weddings. At least 3 more at the moment. That’s three more chances for me to eat cake and wish I’d worn orthotic shoes.

Going big in the UK. Because we didn’t Harry Potter enough in Florida, we decided to complete Mike’s photo series Through a Muggle’s Lens at all the filming locations in the UK. I’ll give you guys more info on that as I build the itinerary, but needless to say, I am squirming with excitement just thinking about it. We are using Airbnb, due to glowing recommendations from friends like Jenny and Kaitlin. In fact, you can check out Kaitlin’s post for tips on Airbnb here. We will be making a stop at Stonehenge, the Oxford Library, and I may accidentally throw in an Outlander filming location or two…

Possibly a trip to LA? Waiting on confirmation for that one.

The Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary. Will I have time to make a Regency dress for this? Who knows. It’s a three day affair in Tarrytown, NY, where the show was filmed. I just got into the show this year, but I’m all in at this point.

Mad Monster Party, Howl-O-Scream, and other annual magic. This includes a Christmas trip to WV, maybe a Color Run with Amber, and Halloween debaucheries.

What are your travel plans for 2016? Let me know in the comments!

~ Meg

10 thoughts on “In The Works: Travel in 2016

  1. I’m also a fan of Airb BnB, for sure! But I want to caution against Stonehenge. It is not really all that cool. If you’ve seen a postcard, you’ve seen it. Also, it’s not cheap. I was on a tour that forced us to stop there, so my friend and I hung out across the street in a field with sheep, because we didn’t want to spend the money. Luckily, you can roadside check it out before parking and paying, so you can make up your mind when you get there!

  2. You’re incredible… Keep going on like this, you’re a good energy dealer! 😉
    About my 2016 travels… I’ve just come back from a little trip in Spain and I’m planning a quick visit to Edimburgh in June. I can’t see more far than this, at the moment, but that’s ok.
    P.S. Love the pic of your parents, so sweet and amiable!

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