Absenteeism (Weekly Recap 9)


  • Holy suffering blog, Batman! I’ve been working ridiculous hours so posting here and on social media has suffered.
  • See above for info on workout routine.
  • We discovered a new-to-us park near Durham — Eno River State Park. It’s what dreams are made of. I will be spending a lot of time there in the future.
  • As you read in a previous post, I quit counting calories. That, coupled with a semi-broken scale, means that I have close to no idea how I am doing. You know, other than how empty the Nutella jar might be at any given moment. My quarterly health update is coming up on the 15th and I am pretty sure I’ll be reporting the first weight gain in two years. I’m not as devastated as I thought I’d be. I just have to work harder.
  • I have had a few really good coffee dates in the past few weeks that have made the ridiculous amount of work so much better. Thanks to all of you for keeping me sane. Same thanks goes to Mike, who has put up with all of my work-related craziness. Last night, I worked until 10:25. Obviously, I need to make some changes.
  • I just dropped the entire Brita pitcher on the floor, so I think I will wrap this up.

~ Meg

3 thoughts on “Absenteeism (Weekly Recap 9)

  1. Aw, sucks you dropped the pitcher. I haven’t been posting much either. I WANT TO, but I just don’t have time. Okay, I’m sure I could make time, I just prefer to do other things when I have free time lol

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