I Quit Counting Calories

Snapchat-8540391542507765944When I first started trying to get healthy and lose weight, I joined MyFitnessPal in order to track calories. It was a recommendation from my doctor, in order to train myself to eat like a “regular “human again.

It was hard.

After all, I was used to annihilating whole Red Baron pizzas and pints of Ben & Jerry’s in one meal without discomfort. 

That was 2013. And I’ve logged 815 days straight on this app to try to teach myself how to eat.


Are you a LOST fan? I am. This seemed like the perfect day to stop.

So, I decided to quit on Friday. Not only had it become a chore about a year or so ago, but I was actually using it to cheat myself.  For instance, if I saw that I had 200 calories left in a given day, I would devote it to eating Nutella straight from the jar. That’s not the point of tracking calories.

I’ve found myself mentally counting calories in my head and feeling the urge to log in several times today. However, I think it will be very easy to transition to a normal, app-less life and still be able to maintain some common sense about eating.

I’m sure for most of you this seems pretty small in the grand scheme of things. But it’s a habit I’ve had for over two years and it helped me get healthy again. Since I am terrified of slipping back into pre-diabetic life, it was a big deal for me to let go of this crutch.

But someday, when the internet explodes and the world becomes a dystopian wasteland, I won’t be able to count my calories on an app (I’ll probably be trying to get as much food as possible to survive anyway). It’s best that I get used to that lifestyle now, instead of having to handle that transition along with having to fight radioactive future-spiders. That’s too much for anyone to endure.

Have you ever used calorie counting to get to a healthy weight? Do you think the whole thing is ridiculous? Let me know!

15 thoughts on “I Quit Counting Calories

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  6. I have never counted calories and don’t plan on it. I am more of an ingredients reader, I will eat whatever I want whenever I want as long as it’s not too much (like, if I want popcorn I’ll eat a small bowl, not the whole bag) anyways, that’s where I am now. just trying to eat healthier and cut as much sugar and processed foods as I can. I haven’t had chocolate in months and I want some so bad, but I think every time I eat chocolate I break out (that’s the reason I’m trying to eat healthier, for my skin) so it’s hard. the one thing I need to get better at is working out. I work out for like 30 minutes on the weekday but they’re just random workout videos I find on youtube. I need to come up with some sort of routine so I can hopefully see results (trying to flatten my tummy) okay this was long I am sorry lol

  7. If I don’t keep track, I eat ALL THE THINGS. It’s like I can’t stop with the ice cream already and maybe try some salad. If I keep track, then I find that I don’t eat emotionally as often, and I definitely leave room for well-rounded meals, snacks and dessert. So, I don’t restrict {none of that 1200 calories/day stuff}, but I do keep an eye on it. I do the same thing with my steps per day because if I don’t, I am a lazy bum. It’s like I’m incapable of making smart choices for my body without some sort of gadget. Go figure 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll be in a place where I don’t have to keep track, but right now, in order for me to be healthier, I need to keep track.

  8. I’ve just recently stopped tracking my daily steps (at least not as diligently). I never went so far as to buy a FitBit (I wanted one though), but I would check the pedometer on my iPhone obsessively to make sure I was getting enough of a workout each day. I did this very consistently for about a year, but I finally have gotten into a really good workout routine, and am exercising because I WANT to, not because the little machine tells me I need to. It was super helpful to get me back on track though!!

  9. I did the same thing when I started trying to lose weight several years ago, and it did help initially, but then I found myself getting crazy about it. I think it taught me to figure out what a normal amount of food looks like, so I just don’t need to constantly count anymore. If I ever feel like I’m getting way off track, I might track my day, just to see what I’m eating, but like you said, it’s not sustainable. I don’t need a calorie counter to tell me that Nutella has more calories than an apple. lol

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