The Ultimate Voyage

Last week, I got to co-shoot my first show at DPAC. It was interesting, because I didn’t have a nervous feeling at all. I’m really getting used to just showing up and doing a job like this. Weird, right?

This was a symphony accompaniment to clips of Star Trek. Though I haven’t really seen the show or the movies, I definitely enjoyed it. I have a thing for scores. Mike has vowed to get me up to speed on the series.

Here are a few of the shots that I took:


Pictures really can’t convey how lovely it was to be there, sans technology, and just listen. It’s been a while since I haven’t been hooked to a device for work, so this was a nice reprieve.

I also ate a pretzel the size of my face.

More to come!

~ Meg

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Voyage

  1. This is great, there is a symphony orchestra show that does this with Final Fantasy music, omg. I want to go to it so bad. It was here in Orlando last year, or the year before that, and I was so sad that I missed it. Your photos turned out really nice! And omggg pretzels are the bomb. Especially when they are the size of your face! I want one of those!

    • I think the FF tour travels around quite frequently. You’ll catch it again.
      Thanks! Mike’s were better, but he’s used to shooting in the dark.
      I had never had a pretzel with spicy mustard before. PHENOMENAL.

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