Oops. (Weekly Recap 7)


Let’s see. I last wrote here two weeks ago. I’ll do a quick recap because there’s a lot that happened since then:

  • We got a cat. Her name is Gypsy and she is fantastic. My Instagram is officially flooded with cute pictures.
  • Mike and I were both very ill at different times. He is just now sick and I was sick more so last week.
  • I got swamped with work and ended up developing several websites/juggling social media clients. Glad to say I am on the downswing and that this coming week will be more chilled out. I re-learned the magic of letting my mornings be my own. On Wednesday of last week, I took a morning off just to read and chill out. It made all the difference.
  • I did not run at all (planning on it today). I barely yoga’d. I had no time for naps. Work, sleep, work, sleep. Next week I will actively try to be less lame.
  • I co-shot my first show at DPAC — a Star Trek anniversary orchestra. It was so good that we stayed to watch it all.

I’ll be back sooner than the span of the last post — promise. ❤

~ Meg

9 thoughts on “Oops. (Weekly Recap 7)

  1. Cute kitty! I’m sorry you guys are sick, and that you have been working so much. I don’t even work that much (just the usual 40 hours I clock in at work) but I have the hardest time keeping my bedroom clean… all of my clothes are everywhere, I really need to put everything up. iT’S SO HARD BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO LAY DOWN AND DO NOTHING WHEN I GET HOME! On the weekend I’ll put all the clothes up, but that’s also when I do laundry (that I forget to put up) so it’s just a never ending cycle >_<

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