It Rains in My Apartment and Other Things I Shouldn’t Worry About (Weekly Recap 6)

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I added the throwback of the shark punching picture for @KatoKatonian. It’s a classic, after all.

  • Once upon a time, my neighbor told me about his harrowing experience regarding water coming through his ceiling when his upstairs neighbor was taking a shower. It involved a lot of his possessions getting ruined and the floor being replaced throughout most of his apartment. I thought, “Wow, that must have sucked,” then moved on with my life. That is, until Friday night when I suddenly heard a fast tapping coming from the bathroom. I walked in, had a split second of rage, then grabbed a bucket. Ever since then, I’ve been playing a back and forth game of miscommunication with the rental company. In my opinion, it’s kind of an emergency when water starts coming out of your vents. It’s been five days and they finally sent people to fix it. And even then, they’re just repainting the ceiling, not finding the reason for the leak or replacing the damaged stuff. Soooo… expect more on this subject soon. Leaks don’t just stop after you ask them nicely.
  • Last week I was fighting a cold on and off. Since I was a fool and didn’t rest, it hit me full force this week. Take a lesson from me and lay down right now. Do not pass go, do not run a 5k. Please feel free to say, “I told you so,” in the comments.
  • The butchered Taylor Swift lyrics above = the best thing I’ve ever seen on a bathroom wall.
  • I designed two web pages last week that I am pretty proud of. Then I went to a bridal show with my Gala Pal peeps. It’s been years since I’ve had bosses that I love this much (Borders/BAM<3).
  • Speaking of Gala Pal, if you wonder why you don’t see regular posts from me anymore (and are into weddings), go here to see more of my writing.
  • There are still a few nice days in any given week to stick the plants outside. I am letting them soak up as much sun as they can in order to survive until spring. Also, I got a sweet lavender and rosemary harvest this week (both sun worshipping and harvest are pictured above).
  • I’ve got three planners right now, but trying to condense down to two. I promise, using three is actually easier than using one. #businessprobz
  • I have to admit that I’ve jumped on the Panthers football bandwagon. I’ve never been one for football. Ever. But it’s exciting that NC could be heading to the Super Bowl. So I am officially bandwagoned. Judge away!
  • On Saturday, we went to Durham to watch Labyrinth at the Carolina Theatre. It’s this really beautiful theater in the historic section of downtown — think 1920’s scrolls and deco. Beautiful. There was a sweet memorial slideshow (if you’re under a rock, David Bowie died last week), they played music videos and then showed the movie. Guys, the crowd was SO INTO IT. I couldn’t think of a better celebration of someone’s life.

What are some big things that happened for you this week? Let me know in the comments!

~ Meg

24 thoughts on “It Rains in My Apartment and Other Things I Shouldn’t Worry About (Weekly Recap 6)

  1. I don’t care much for football but Wilson (the guy I am currently seeing) let me know that NC was going to the super bowl (I was born in NC!) so I thought that was pretty cool!! too bad they lost -_-

  2. I hope you get something sorted with your apartment soon! We had something similar with our student apartment at uni, every time it rained (and it rains a lot in the north of England) water would come pouring in, but they wouldn’t believe us, because they only came to look at it when it wasn’t raining, so it wasn’t leaking… sigh.

  3. Noooo! Rental companies can be the worst sometimes. Once I had fleas in my apartment (despite not owning a pet at the time) and they sure took their sweet time about it, even though I was getting bitten by tiny insects and thus unable to be in my apartment. Best of luck with getting it sorted!

  4. I’m actually going to watch “Labyrinth” this weekend. The year has been rough for celebrity deaths so far. Also, it sounds like it might be time to get flood insurance.

    • I’m going to have to send a thank you card to my insurance agent for convincing me to get renter’s insurance.
      Have fun watching Labyrinth this weekend! It’s so much better in a theater full of people who love it.

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