Making Myself Sick and Running Plans (Weekly Recap 5)


A walk around the lake with Mike, Trisha, and Eggs the dog.

  • Here’s a secret: I haven’t had a full day off since 2015 and I think I made myself sick. Or a ghost made me sick. I can’t decide. Too much Sudafed. 10-12 hour days are not my bag. I’ll be working harder to include efficiency into my routine in the future.
  • Related: I got a few new clients. Hooray for a viable business!
  • I had one real resolution for the year: To keep myself accountable by running a race every month this year. So far, I’ve registered for the Warbird Virtual 5k for this month and I am a paycheck away from registering for the Krispy Kreme Challenge next month. I might also sign up for the Leap Day Virtual 5k, because I am susceptible to all of the marketing tactics involved there. I’m also planning on running the Rocky 10k in November. I can’t live without running that 10k. I just can’t.
  • Mike and I took a walk with Trisha on Saturday around the lake (pictured above) and it was marvelous. I’m kind of in love with Eggs, the dog.

Other things happened last week, but I’ll just leave it here. I’m going to have some tea and lay down. ❤

~ Meg

30 thoughts on “Making Myself Sick and Running Plans (Weekly Recap 5)

  1. Do you go to a gym or just run outside? I’ve just been running outside, but there’s a foot of snow on the ground 😦 I’ve been hunting down all my friends with Planet Fitness Black Book memberships so I can tag along for free.. But I feel a little annoying doing that. I just need to hold on until spring!!! I wish there was a gym here that did 1 month memberships for cheap

  2. Oh, tea. Tea tea and more tea. Down here in Mexico the tap water smells a little funny when heated, so coffee is a total go (luckily, all the decaf I can drink) but tea smells kind of funny. Thus, tequila ;P I hope you feel better ASAP!

    • A lot of them are virtual races, just because it can get super expensive. I’m especially excited about the Rocky Balboa 10k. :):):) I’ll be posting about them on my blog.

      All the best to you, too!

    • I’m a social media marketer, content creator, web designer, and book editor. Basically, Jane of All Trades. I took a lot of today to catch up and reorganize the rest of my week. I’m very fortunate in that I get to work from home/coffee shops, but I never get a legitimate break. Work follows me. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes!

      I wanted to steal Eggs from Trisha, but I don’t think she’d part with him. Way cute.

  3. “I haven’t had a full day off since 2015” so 11 days straight work? That’s a lot to go without a break. I couldn’t survive with out some time off, rest is the most important part of my training plan (although I’ve been going on 4 hours sleep a night for the past two weeks so maybe I should practice what I preach).

    • Holy crap — you need a break, too. Rest is an important part of my *life* plan, so I need to make work more efficient for myself.
      Anyway, I hope you get a nap at some point today. 🙂

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