A Slightly Haunted Afternoon Adventure

This morning, I woke up earlier than I wanted to (before 10 a.m.) to a very excited boyfriend. He explained that he had found an online list of cool, local abandoned places to explore and was going to go to one right then. In my fog, I asked him to wait so I could go with him.

What I didn’t know was that I had just committed myself to the creepiest day of my recent memory.

St. Agnes hospital sits on the St. Augustine University campus in the middle of Raleigh. To find out more about it’s history, click here. When we got to the site, Mike’s face lit up — something akin to my super-tooth smile from Wizarding World. The picture in the bottom corner fully conveys how awake I was.

PicMonkey Collage1

More coffee was needed before I fully committed.

PicMonkey Collage2

Once my caffeine metabolized, I started snapping more pictures. The ruins of the main building were lovely, especially in contrast to the sky.


This is one of my favorite shots from the inside of the main building.

The hospital ruins weren’t really that scary to me. I think it’s because it was very, very open air. Literally four stories without floors. It was too pretty to be scary.

However, there was another building: The Incinerator.

PicMonkey Collage4

Just uttering the phrase The Incinerator sounds pretty sinister to me. The security guard that showed us the ruins explained that this was where the dead from the hospital were… disposed. Then he said he would never, ever go in there and promptly left. At first we thought it was too overgrown to find a way in, but then I found a way around the back through the fence. This building involved a bunch of broken glass, half-readable files that should have been properly destroyed due to HIPAA violations, and enough rust to give half the country a horrible case of tetanus. Oh, and random sounds that had no explanation. Not even kidding. The place was so creepy that I would only cross the threshold for a minute or two at a time.


So much nope.

That black doorway behind me is where most of the terrifying noises were coming from. I’m going to say it was rats and water. I was extremely unsettled and refused to go near that doorway for the brief moments that I actually stepped inside.

PicMonkey Collage5

That’s the incinerator on the top right. NOPE. Oh, and there’s Mike on a rusty ladder on the left. We will be updating his shots after this trip.

I’m sure Mike got a million photos that were completely amazing. You can find them on his Facebook page or on his website. He’s editing them now (9 pm, Sunday night), so they will be posted soon.

So, at this point, the creepiest part of the afternoon arrives. While standing outside of The Incinerator, I was madly texting Jenny to keep from peeing myself/running away. As we were wrapping up, she sent me this:


That’s when we discovered that my car battery was completely dead. Completely. Unjumpable dead.

The ghosts messed up my car.


The jury is out on whether this was a good thing or not. Mike insisted that if the ghosts did it, they did so because they were lonely. While I could see that, I could also see it from an enhanced version of that view — they wanted us to stay and keep them company forever. 

After three hours and several attempts to jump the car on the part of the very nice security guards, AAA came and replaced my battery. I highly recommend getting their roadside service because the labor was free, the lady that did it was super nice and knew her stuff, and the battery itself was cheaper than Firestone AND Advance Auto Parts. Seriously. Get AAA.

Have you ever explored ruins? Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever been saved from ghosts by AAA? Let me know in the comments!

~ Meg

This post was not sponsored by AAA. Choose AAA when ghosts drain your battery.

28 thoughts on “A Slightly Haunted Afternoon Adventure

  1. Oh no, the ghosts drained your battery! Spooky! Glad AAA was there to help you guys out πŸ˜‰
    I am too much of a chicken to go into a spooky/haunted house… I can’t even watch the shows about the guys exploring haunted places… I get so scared too quickly lol

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  3. When we were dating, my husband and I used to go traipse around the abandoned military base nearby. There are some creepy buildings and it’s very eerie with how quiet it is. I’ve never experienced a drain in battery or anything like that though. I traveled to Scotland in 1999 and explored many ruined castles, which were supposedly haunted. I never saw, heard or felt anything though. Perhaps I’m just not receptive. πŸ™‚ Sounds like you had quite the adventure! I’m glad you made it out safely and I’m glad you have a sage smudge.

      • I wanted to go as far north as we could, but time didn’t allow for that. I did get up into the Highlands, just not as far as I wanted. πŸ™‚ Edinburgh is splendid and it’s a beauty of a city to walk around and adventure. Holyrood, the castle, the Royal Mile, St. Giles’ cathedral. Swoon. See as much as you can when you go. Stay longer if necessary. It’s totally worth it.

    • It was close. About an hour and a half more and it would have been. I’m still creeped out. My computer was acting weird earlier when I was importing pics and I flipped out just a little.
      Sage will happen tomorrow.

  4. My parents house is haunted by the old lady who use to live there. She hated children, my bedroom was her room when she was alive. One day I was avoiding to my homework by listening to my headphone when out of nowhere I was hit in the face with an eraser. Immediately I thought it was my mom, when I went to confront her she was on the phone and said she hadn’t done it. We were both freaked out.

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