My Heart is a Hufflepuff

It’s Saturday morning and at this very moment I am fangirling at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I wrote this post to fill the void while I am on my pilgrimage. Have a great weekend!

You know all those tests out there to determine your Hogwarts house? For years, I fudged my answers because I was always afraid to admit that every single test I took told me that I was an unequivocal Hufflepuff. Obviously, I wanted to be a Gryffindor.

Now that I’ve grown into myself a little more, I’ve fully embraced my house. I won’t waste your time listing all of our awesome qualities — I’ll spare you. Instead, I’ll remind you of my affinity for plants and animals, along with my general disregard for gravity and leave it there.

Which Hogwarts house holds your heart? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “My Heart is a Hufflepuff

  1. when I was younger I always thought I was a hufflepuff because I always thought hufflepuff’s were the weird losers who didn’t fit anywhere else lol you know, the shy, timid students. So in my mind, all on my own I was just like “I’m a hufflepuff” but I never took a quiz to actually find out.

    I finally took the test on pottermore and some other harry potter quizzes I found online and all of them have the same results: SLYTHERIN!

    I was pretty happy lol

  2. I’ve always been slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m Gryffindor. I don’t know why. I feel a little guilty. But honestly, I’ve always KNOWN what I was and I’ve been sorted at least a dozen times, always to the same house. (Which everyone knows is my house, because it just is!) But you should know that ADAM IS A HUFFLEPUFF, WHICH I KNEW HE WOULD BE AND WHICH I TOTALLY LOVE. Seriously, I asked him his house and then looked at him and we both said, “Hufflepuff.” I love Hufflepuffs…I mean, clearly.

  3. As much as I say I’m Slytherin, mainly for my mischievous side, I am a Ravenclaw. There I said it. I am a knowledge seeker. Most people don’t know that about me. I read up on everything. I just want to know and learn everything. I crave it sometimes. I am a free thinker, I have no time for ignorance and I enjoy being alone.

    I read up on Slytherin and I’m really not like them at all. Which slightly makes me sad. I’m not sure if I’ll change all my HP merchandise. But I might need to get a few Ravenclaw items.

  4. Every test I have taken, from the silly Facebook ones to the official Pottermore one, has sorted me into Ravenclaw. I used to be sad I wasn’t Gryffindor and then I realized that Ravenclaw is where all the smarty pants people are. Sadly, I am an annoying smarty pants so this is very accurate, so I’m ok with it. Proud Ravenclaw house member here!

    • Yeah!!! I approve, since Ravenclaw is also vastly underrepresented. Lol. I went with my boyfriend and another couple — oddly we are all in different houses. It was an interesting revelation.

      Loved finally getting to listen to you live last night!

  5. I’ve always had an affinity toward Ravenclaw but honestly don’t know where I would end up, I don’t know if I have a defining trait that would set me in a specific house.

    • If you Google ‘Hogwarts House Test’, the first link is the test that’s from the Pottermore web site. It’s a pretty generic test (and the sorting hat also takes preference into account, lol).
      If all else fails, go with Ravenclaw. To thine own self be true. 😉

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