Weekly Recap (2)

Weekly Recap 2

Ever look back on your week and wonder what you did, but can’t remember? I sat down to write this and thought that there was no way I would have enough to make a substantial post. I committed to writing it and, over the past couple of days, made a post that is almost too big. Ha!

Big Things That Happened This Week

  • I think I may have a garlic sensitivity. I wasn’t sure if it was garlic or onions (or both), but recently Mexican food has been annihilating me. Then, on Friday night I had the most delicious parmesan garlic fries with truffle oil. From about two hours after, up until Saturday afternoon, my stomach was destroyed. Anyone have any tips on how to deal or get over food sensitivities? Am I now a vampire? Suggestions and advice are welcome.
  • I covered most of the windows in the apartment with plastic (bottom right photo). It’s the fancy shrink wrap kind, because I’m lazy and it makes up for my shoddy work, while simultaneously making me warmer through excessive use of a hair dryer. It was very worth it because a) as I was taping up the last sections on each window, I could feel the arctic blast coming through and b) my inexplicable nose bleeds have stopped. Go figure!
  • Mike and I went on an adventure to Wake Forest and decided it’s a mix between a town from a Stephen King novel, Stars Hollow, and Mayberry. Everyone there is happy and it’s a quaint little town — perfect for hiding horrible secrets and monsters. I officially want to live there.
  • We went to the movies for the first time in ages on Friday night (second left photo). It’s our local movie theater that has recently been revamped. I’ve never been anywhere like it. They serve NICE FOOD (where I got the delicious fries — I’ll be going with the hummus plate from now on), have recliners that are clean, and you can pick your seat when you buy your ticket. It’s a magical place that was founded on all the things that were wrong with the movie experience before. Did I mention that the movie started exactly when it was billed? Amazing. Probably the best movie viewing experience of my life. We saw Krampus. Usually, I’m afraid of scary movies. However, since I love the legend, this movie was perfect. It even had a great message too — no matter how much you dislike your relatives, be nice or Krampus will come and murder all of you. I plan on making a commemorative Christmas ornament based off the one in the movie in the very near future.
  • I’m really bloated. Just thought you should know.
  • Mike has been pushing me to expand my photography-related horizons (bottom two photos on left). I’m really pleased with the results. It’s a bigger post for another day.
  • Work life stabilized. I finished the lesson vetting gig and realized it was paying me less than I expected (it’s something that happens in Freelanceland). I’m working to make things a lot more loophole free for me in the future.
  • Speaking of work, things with Gala Pal are heating up. They’re working out a new design for their web site and planning tons of bridal shows in January, which I’ll be attending. I’m pretty pumped to see that company grow.
  • I made my ultimate comfort food for the first time ever this week. My pea soup tastes just like my mother’s. It’s nice to be able to eat my memories on dreary days. Thank goodness for crock pots.
  • I put away our bikes and discovered how huge our porch is without them (middle left). That will be their permanent home, because I can’t give up all that room on the porch to anything that isn’t plants. I’ll be rigging up a way to hang them on the wall to free up floor space and make them less precariously tangled. Until then, it’s a booby trap for the next person (me) that opens the door.
  • We are gearing up for Wizarding World of Harry Potter NEXT WEEK. I feel like I have a giant list of things to do before we leave. Sewing, work goals, tying up any loose ends re: trip. I need an oil change, too. Ugh. I love road trips, but NC to FL is a long one. Must download more podcasts. Must put money in savings for future flights now that I know Allegiant air goes through Raleigh.
  • The garden got a good three day stint outside before it started freezing at night again. The mint still stubbornly clings to life. I’ll be able to put them outside again for the entirety of our trip. Nature is on my side!
  • I didn’t really DIY much this week, except for having a dry erase board in my shower. It was one of those weeks where you just aren’t feeling it. However, I do have a really cool Human Centipede themed ornament planned for one of my friends, if I can find the right materials in time. If I get my crap together, I’ll share it here. Note: I will never watch that movie. Ever. That kind of cinema (excessive gore porn) is just not my bag. However, I find that turning it into a Christmas ornament is hilarious.

What are some big things that happened for you this week? Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (2)

  1. yeah it sounds like you had a busy week haha i want to go to your movie theatre! mine only serves lukewarm popcorn 😉 haha and i wish I could help you on your new vampire lifestyle but ive honestly never heard of garlic sensitivity! my only suggestion is maybe its foods heavy in oil (truffle fries and mexican food sound like it lol) i know if i eat heavy oil foods it killsss me!
    good luck lovie 🙂 ❤

  2. My week has been big things free, unless you count working out our finances and moving money about – very adult of us.

    I’m so thankful that I don’t have any food sensitivities or allergies. Although, weirdly, I can hardly ever taste garlic where as the bf always complains about me adding too much to everything – I don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t smell or taste it in anything.

    • Sometimes having a week of no big things is a good thing. 🙂
      Working out finances can be a lovely thing, though boring and adult. I recently made the decision to outsource my taxes (I’ve always done them myself). The utter relief was crazy.
      Some people just taste differently. Ever try separating pots before the garlic? I know it’s more dishes, but it might help.

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