Quick DIY: Bath Time Reminders

I’m posting from my phone, so make sure to let me know if this post looks like crap later. ❀


I have horrible habits. Things have kind of gotten worse since I’m not really exposed to humans on a 9-5 basis. I perform several bodily functions without second thought, outburst on the regular, and sing loudly. I’m pretty sure my neighbors hate me. My bathroom has a nice, resonant echo.

In years past, I’ve used my phone to blast my singalong jams. Then I got a nicer phone and I’ve been trying not to bring it into the shower with me. Before, well, I did some pretty atrocious things to my iPhone. Specifically, dropping it in a puddle of shampoo water while trying to simultaneously sing Taylor Swift and write myself emails about things I need to remember.

Since that’s out of the question with my Note 5 (Mike bought me a super helpful Bluetooth speaker), I put a dry erase board in the shower to write down things that can’t wait. I have the memory of a goldfish, so this is one of the more awesome DIYs I’ve done. They say you get your best ideas in the shower, after all.

The biggest catch? Buy a dry erase board from your local dollar store. It’s going to get wet, so you aren’t going to want to get the latest designer dry erase special from Target. This thing will have a short shelf life.

Do you have your best ideas in the shower? Are you ridiculously attached to your phone in a way that has a negative effect on your bathing habits? Let me know in the comments!


19 thoughts on “Quick DIY: Bath Time Reminders

  1. omg I would never take my phone in the shower… but back when I blogged a lot more regularly I really did want to take it in with me because I would always get blog ideas and post ideas in there! I remember looking on amazon and finding these waterproof notepads… I was SO close to buying one lol

  2. I don’t have ridiculous attachment with my phone but I do think that going to toilet is a waste of time hence I often go in with my phone or my laptop to answer emails or to blog. Lol!!

    • I totally do that, too. πŸ™‚ I never really social media in the shower, I just use it for music. Thank goodness for the Bluetooth speakers!
      I don’t know what we ever did without the Internet in the bathroom!

  3. This didn’t look liked crap and where can I get a dry erase board to be installed in my dreams? I feel like I always have the best ideas in my dreams.

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