Thought Dump: It’s Been Two Weeks


I’ve been having millions of ideas for blog posts lately. So, why haven’t I been posting? Well, all of these ideas are hugely time-sucking and I don’t have a lot of extra time right now. I’ll post more soon. Promise. 😉

Until then, here are some snippets of what life looks like for me right now:

  • I am horrible at remembering anything. So many good memories have recently been brought to my attention and I decided to be proactive about it. Now, I have a section dedicated to the past ten years in my giant life journal of mass mental excretions. I’ve organized it by life events, friends and loved ones, and hilarious/sentimental quotes. Thank you, Facebook, for keeping record of most of that. You’d think that traveling back that far would be awkward or embarrassing, but mostly I’m just filled with love seeing how people have interacted with me and my little life. I’ve had some great experiences and I’m glad I’ve written a lot of it down.
  • Last week saw me going through post-contract funk. It was not the greatest, but I’m better now. More on that later.
  • It occurred to me that I never dream of my cell phone. Ever. I’m grateful for that. Yet, it’s always on my person. Today I’m experimenting with turning it off/keeping it in another room while I’m trying to work. So far, so good. It’s a lot quieter here, both inside and outside of my head.
  • Fall is here. I turn on the heat whenever I’m alone in the apartment. Sorry, Mike.
  • I am in a total running funk. I know the only way to get out of it is to just go and do it, but I keep making excuses. It’s too cold (not legit), it’s raining (still kinda paranoid about pneumonia relapse), my shoes don’t fit (okay, that’s pretty legit). I just have to keep telling myself to go do the thing.
  • It’s time to bring the plants inside and I don’t quite know where to put them. When I lived alone, it was easy. I’d just put them wherever there was space. Now that I share space with another human, I’d like to consider his preferences, too. I think they’ll mostly be confined to my room and my bathroom.  We shall see.

What’s going on with you lately? Tell me about it.

~ Meg

11 thoughts on “Thought Dump: It’s Been Two Weeks

  1. You just have to do the damn thing! Running will make you feel better in the long run (no pun intended). I need to take my own advice as well, but I hope you get back into it soon. You’ll quickly remember how much you’ve missed it! Good luck!

  2. I haven’t shared this with many people, but I applied for a job at our County Office of Education. I am VERY nervous that I will not hear anything so I am trying to be real quiet about it. I needed to share with someone outside of my hubby though. 🙂

    The downside to this is that I am now more irritated by things at my current job that I could easily ignore before. It’s like my brain already has given me the new job and I am in short timer syndrome for this place. Very bad brain. I am ignoring it by listening to mass podcasts and interacting with as few people as possible at work. The listing closes on Wednesday so I should hear something by end of next week on whether or not I will be interviewing.

    • I am sending all of my best vibes your way. I totally understand the need to not get excited, while simultaneously wanting to get into the new position as soon as possible.
      Until you know, act very busy. Haha! Keep me posted!!

  3. Lol at ‘mental exrections.’ I dunno, that got me.

    Also, please don’t run in the rain. If you get pneumonia again I’m afraid it’ll kill you dead.

  4. I am so with you on the not having time to post thing. I hadn’t written for awhile either, but I started a post last night while I was trying to not help my son with his homework. I was trying to just show my support by sitting with him at the table, not helping. Writing a blog post was my way to keep myself occupied while he figured things out for himself. Maybe I’ll do that more often!

    • I was looking through my WordPress feed and saw your post. Good job getting on it! And as a former teacher, I totally concur with letting them work it out and then checking up on them later. It’s seriously the best.

      • I will be the first to admit that I am not very good about letting him work it out. I have kind of been holding his hand since kindergarten and now I see that I have not done him any favors at all. Here’s to new starts. 🙂

      • IT IS SO HARD! Even with my “kids”, it was so hard just to let them work it out, especially when it was stuff I struggled with myself.

        You can totally do this. Does he like working alone or does he ask for help? My oldest nephew has to be cattle-prodded to do work at home. But this way, you have more blog time! Baby steps.

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