Fitness Lately: Pneumonia and the Art of Weight Loss


I promise this isn’t a sponsored post about cold medicine.

Starting Weight: 186 lbs.
Last Weigh-in: 155 lbs.
This Weigh-in: 151 lbs.


I didn’t get to go on many runs for most of this quarter, due to the pneumonia I contracted from one of the four sweet, little puddles of contagion that I call my ‘nephews’. I’m pretty sure it was one of them because my mom also got it 12 days later. Note to boys: If I find out who it was, you are not getting college money from me. I lost major running/life mileage because of this.  I also didn’t reach my goal of 150, which is fine because a) it’s only a pound and b) I was too sick to really care about it.

What Went Right:

Before I got sick, my family was at the beach for a good amount of time. For some reason, I always eat really well at the beach. Mom and I cook dinner with salad every night and I usually rediscover my love of chicken and bbq sauce. I also went on a huge fruit kick during the trip that leaked over into my regular life.

We take beach trips pretty seriously.

We take beach trips pretty seriously.

Back to the sickness — I went a whole 45 days without running and that nearly drove me insane. But the other side of this whole illness thing is that I lost weight from not having enough energy to eat anything, especially any sort of recreational eating.  No burger dates.  No giant Italian dishes. Just regular, simple food that I only had to travel a few paces to obtain, seasoned with lots of tea and cough drops. Over 300 Ricola cough drops have been consumed in a six week span.

Once I was well enough to move again, I did. I gardened, I ran, I hiked, I biked… along with various other activities that might be hidden inside the major plot lines of a Dr. Seuss novel. Aside from being sick, this was probably the best quarter I’ve had, nutritionally/actively speaking.  I finally reached a healthy BMI range for my size, and that should also be celebrated.


New Goals:

My new goal is to hit 145 by December 15th. I’m pretty sure I can do this, since I’m seemingly back to my regularly scheduled weight loss patterns.  I’m super pumped for this next milestone, since I haven’t been near 145 since I was 18 or so. I’m going to write a book touting pneumonia as a great weight loss catalyst and plateau breaker.  I will sell millions of books, make the rounds on the talk show circuit, and eventually be involved in a scandal due to eating more than my investments in Pirate’s Booty mac and cheese and losing face for being so morally weak.


Usually, I limit the weight loss posts to what you’ve already read, but I wanted to update on some stuff that doesn’t really fit anything above.  Most of all, the tragedy of being on a strict budget and losing weight.  I’ve found ways around it through Goodwill and cheap big box stores so far.  But now that I’ve lost enough to be swimming in my clothes for the second time, I’m really having more trouble than I’m letting on about. Literally 90% of the clothes I wear are either too big or are worn-looking due to each well-fitting item is having to pull triple duty. People keep telling me I should be happy about this. I am. I’m happy about continuing to lose weight and seeing my goals become reality. That’s pretty boss. I am not so happy about wearing clothes that look like hand-me-downs from my big sister.  She’s shorter than me now and puberty is over a decade gone.  Time to wear clothes that fit.

In short, expect more sewing DIY action on this blog. Once I make a dress form (yes, make), I’m going into turbo-craft mode.  I’m too cheap for this nonsense.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What is your most recent success?

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42 thoughts on “Fitness Lately: Pneumonia and the Art of Weight Loss

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  6. Glad you got through that!

    January 2012 I was 275ish. Then I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and dropped to like 230 in just a few months with eating better. After I had my daughter this February I dropped to 200 and bounced between that and 215. Now I’m 198 and seem to be holding that. My goal is 130, but I’m not actively trying to lose right now since I’m still breastfeeding. I don’t want to tank my supply or anything! That said, I really should be exercising more, eating a LITTLE less, and not eating any junk.

    Congrats to you thus far!

    • Holy shit, Christen. That’s AMAZING! Sorry to hear about the Celiac’s, but taking steps to heal yourself/stop hurting is so hard for people (me, specifically re: my uterus). You seem to have owned it so far. And I’m sure Marion appreciates you not depleting the food source. 😉

      Thanks! I’m so close I can taste it. Now, if I could just stop making pie…

  7. I’m so sorry you got sick. But still, the strides you’ve made are inspiring! A couple of years ago I weighed 235 lbs. Through diet and exercise I was able to get down to 162 and was able to keep the weight off despite becoming disabled. Then this past March my Pomeranian, Lacey died. My husband and I don’t have children, so she was truly our baby. Anyway, my weight’s gone back up to 192. I’ve always been an emotional eater so I think it’s due to this and that I just stopped walking after Lacey died. Due to my health issues, we only went for 1/2 mile daily walks, but it’s amazing what a difference that made. Tomorrow I’m going to start again. I’m expecting the first few times will be horrible without her, but so is sitting in the house all day moping. I think you’re a true inspiration Meghan, and I know you’ll reach your goal in December!

    • I get sick a lot, just never that badly. I’m so much better now and am starting off the winter with fresh antibodies. 😉
      I’m so sorry to hear about Lacey. Pets ARE our children. I lost my childhood bestie (Midnight the cat) in 2009 and that was around the same time when I started gaining so much. A bunch of other tough stuff happened during that time, so in short – I get it.
      You can TOTALLY do this. Just keep starting over every day and soon you’ll be there.

  8. you’re too funny (though i am sorry you got sick!) its great that you eat so healthy at the beach because i normally give up completely on my diet when i go to the beach/vacation lol but im so happy for you on your weight loss & you will definitely get to 145 by December, you got this!!!

  9. My body size has changed SO many times in the last 4 years that I can relate very well to your clothes situation right now. While I was kind of in a limbo stage, I would just wear leggings and sweatshirts (it was winter so I felt justified). I have my “skinny” jeans that I can barely fit into, and then the size above them that fall off of me. I can’t seem to justify buying another pair of jeans either. But congrats on losing the weight/inches! Sorry about you being sick though.

    • With babies, I can totally see that. ☺️ You got some very nice evidence of all your hard work.
      Limbo sucks! It’s so weird to be between sizes. I’m so ready to see everything back into my wardrobe. 🙂

  10. Wow great post! I’m slowly trying to loose some weigh, but it isn’t easy since I’m doing some hormonal cures and I had to interrupt my ballet school (because of lack of time). I eat healthy and I go to the gym, but it’s a long journey.

  11. I’m glad you’ve recovered but what a bummer to be so ill in summer. Let me know how you get on with sewing and that dress form. @Sewrendipity (Alex) made a really effective one and posted it up if you like that kind of thing! Also, Lekala sewing patterns, they take the grrrr out of fitting!

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  13. You go girl!! While you did mention the cough drops in the blog, they’re not in the picture. Is that because you ate them all? Also sad that there isn’t a sentence proclaiming your love for Vick’s chest rub. Haha

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