Review: Athena Menstrual Cup

— WARNING: I might talk about vaginas. Anyone who might be afraid of them should avert his or her eyes until my next post. —


Tampons are awful. Let’s just admit that together. They’re uncomfortable, expensive, wasteful… oh, and sometimes they give people sepsis. Since I tend to get a little more than paranoid about such things, and I’ve been actively trying to get rid of pain related to my Dear Aunt Flo (I have an angry cervix), I decided a while back to extricate myself from the tampon game.

I was given an Athena Menstrual Cup to test recently. I’ve had menstrual cups before (Fun Fact: My first Internet-purchase ever was a Diva Cup), so I was no stranger to operating one. This post will not go into that. Instead, here’s an honest review about the buying and receiving process.

I was contacted by the company and they were fantastic to work with. They were prompt and I got the shipment immediately. Packaging was great, my cup was PURPLE (*swoon*), and it included all the instructions necessary to have a successful cup experience (read: prevent scaring the neighbors while your gardening due to sudden gushes of blood and attracting bears, like womenfolk on their periods tend to do).

My only issue was that *I* was a complete doof and forgot to check to see if I had ordered the right size. You see, women vary, especially once they’ve given birth. I ordered the one for mothers, rather than those who haven’t had that experience, yet. Oops. So now, I just have an awesome cup for the eventuality of spawn. Can’t beat that! I’ll be ordering another in my size, soon. It’s just too easy to use and I’m too cheap/love nature too much to buy stuff that I’m just going to contaminate and throw into an ocean. Instead, I’ll get back to plotting the production of very evil water balloons with my childhood friends, Rachel and Lindsey.

I hope I’ve helped you in the quest to liberate your vagina. ❤

~ Meg

I received this as a promotional review from Athena. While it is encouraged that you shower me with gifts and stuff, all opinions remain my own.

8 thoughts on “Review: Athena Menstrual Cup

  1. So, I heard about these years ago and was simply not ready to take plunge. But, I got sick of the tampons, been sick of the pads so something had to change. I ventured out to this cup. Oh my! From someone who absolutely dreaded this “wonderful” time of the month, I found peace and ease. The cup is soooo easy, I will not be going back to cotton sticks or pads. Of course, you have to be comfortable with your body and if you we using tampons then you probably already are~
    Don’t be afraid, give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. I got a kick out of this post! You took a subject that could have been aca-awkward and made it really funny and entertaining. Thanks for that!

    Still don’t think I’m brave enough to go the cup route, though… 🙂

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