In Lieu of a Blogiversary


In my natural habitat — a parking lot, listening to an audiobook, procrastinating something.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting about blogiversaries lately.  Since I am a total nerd and only think of starting a blog in terms of “somewhere in 1999”, I have no real idea of when I started this blog unless I cheat and look at my posting calendar.  We all know that I’m far too lazy for that nonsense.

Instead, what I will give you is an origin story. A long time ago, in an economically distressed region of the Appalachias, one angsty 13 year-old got the Internet in her house. Finally. Through a series of events that are to boring to expound upon, this girl then discovered a little site called LiveJournal. She has since deleted the history and if you check the Wayback Machine, you will be efficiently offed. Since I am enjoying the entertainment value, I’ll share an excerpt:

i have some kinda weird strep throat thingie. pain .sleep. feel like crap. still havta go to school. hot diggity damn — March 19, 2002

Clearly, you aren’t missing much. At least my typing skills, grammar, and general disposition have somewhat improved. Anywho, I’ve been chronicling my life on some form of blog since the very late 90’s. Over 15 years of me pouring my mind into the unsuspecting Internet. That’s got to mean something, so I’ve decided to compile a list of some things that I may have omitted in this specific blog.  If you’re a new follower, here’s some more about me:

1. I break into song too much.  It takes a lot of self control to curb this in public and sometimes it spills over.  Once finished with whatever soundbite I’ve chosen to use to ruin you, I will continue about my business and not care about what reaction it gets.  This comes from falling up the stairs too many times in high school and attempting to deal with that by looking even sillier to make people forget what just happened.  Except now I don’t need to do anything embarrassing to need to be ridiculous.  It’s just fun.

2. I’ve been attempting to get healthier since February of 2014 after an awful doctor’s visit.  My doctor basically explained that all of my medical problems were because I was officially obese.  Since then, I’ve lost 35 lbs., achieved a healthy BMI for the first time since I was 18, and turned running into a daily therapeutic getaway.

3. I’m a cat lady who has replaced cats with potted plants.  Last year, I had over 60 varieties in pots on my little porch.  I had to scale down since I moved to a shadowed area, but am planning another banner year for next growing season now that I have the lay of the land (behind the air conditioning units).  I love it. Dumping my love into my little plants makes my heart swell.

4. I’ve had a ton of jobs. Name it, I’ve probably held that job for some period of time. The Best: Working at Borders and camp counseling. The Worst: Raising money for my college via telemarketing and waitressing. I will forget that you ordered unsweet tea at least six times. The Most Interesting: Mining site reclamation, freelance content writing, interning as an information officer at the WV State Legislature.

5. I’ve painted my toenails dark purple for the last 3-4 years.  I don’t plan on changing it — every other color just looks weird now.

So.  Tell me about yourself in the comments.  I’d like to get to know you, too!

~ Meg

8 thoughts on “In Lieu of a Blogiversary

  1. Happppppppppy blogiversary! I love your post from the livejournal. I never had one, but did have a xanga… really embarrasing (I’ve deleted all evidence). I’m glad we have each other to talk to about our weird thoughts and about blogging! Yay!

  2. I’ve just landed here for the first time looking for garden stuff and found this post! Well done on that weight loss. I’ve never thought about dumping love on my plants, but I guess that’s how it is. That said, it’s tough love…. I really wouldn’t want to be one of my potted plants. I always paint my toenails in a dark shade – any other colour shows the mud.

    • Welcome! And thank you!
      I smother my plants in love, but I’ve also been really ruthless with the shears, so I guess they know to behave.
      And that’s the reason why I first started painting my toenails. I like to garden barefoot. 🙂

  3. I loved reading more about you! I break into dance too much…if I’m having a good run and listening to a really good song, I sometimes what to dance/run. You asked me what zone I’m in on Instagram and I have NO clue 🙂 You will have to share more about potting and gardening with me. This year was our little trial run.

    • Yay! Definitely dance while running, too. 🙂
      If you google your location, you can find your zone. Helps you know more about planting dates, etc. Trial is what I live by — I have attention problems holding onto non-fiction books for too long. Lol. But if you’ve got tomatoes, you’re doing well!

  4. I love these kinds of posts. Good for you re: #2! Working out on the daily is one of the best moves we can make to feel kickass. Also, LiveJournal vets! I’ve been blogging since 2003 or so, and LiveJournal was my first real blogging platform experience, as well 🙂

    • I did two posts in a row about more personal stuff because I seriously NEVER post about anything super personal. I write about my garden, or travel, or DIY stuff, but I never really get too deep with it. So, in short, there will be more later. 🙂

      What’s your go-to exercise?

      Yay for a fellow Livejournal-er! I went from LJ>MySpace>Blogger(spot)>here. Somehow I totally missed the Xanga train. Lol!

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