In The Works: Travel in Late 2015


We don’t travel much in the late spring and summer. The fact that a giant part of our business relies on the nice weather and weddings that spring and summer bring may have something to do with it. We mostly try to stay in town for all of that. Portraits and weddings wait for no (wo)man. Fall and early winter are the best possible times for us to get the hell out of dodge. This month has seen an exponential increase in making plans. I am so ready for cooler weather and adventures.

We’ve had a couple of changes, too. Originally, we had planned to go to Iceland and maybe a stargazing cruise this year. Instead, we nixed that idea in favor of the opportunity for lots of little trips. It was a worthwhile exchange, in my opinion.

The following is what I have on the agenda for Fall and Winter 2015:


Weddings and Portrait Sessions: Sept and Oct. You didn’t think these just stopped at the end of August, right? Nope. Just fewer dates. Bonus: One of the October dates involves kilts. Maybe I can convince them to let me wear my Renaissance dress. It kinda fits the theme.

Volunteering at the Joel Lane House: Ongoing. I get to dress up like I live in the 1700’s. I stopped volunteering for a while, but am restarting in September. Can’t keep me away from that kind of gig.


Howl-O-Scream: Date TBA. The annual Busch Gardens outing with Mike, Traci, Tony, and Paulette (and whoever else wants to come). I don’t ride the coasters, so Paulette and I usually have a beer for every time that everyone else boards a ride. It’s a fair drinking game and a good time. The main attraction here is in the knowledge that the actors that come out to haunt the park after 6 p.m. always seem to target me. If you want to see me squeal and knock people over in an attempt to escape pirates, come with us! Yes, that exact instance has happened before.

Renaissance Fest: Date TBA. We need to figure out a weekend to squeeze this in without upsetting other plans. I also have to alter my dress so it won’t fall off and result in me being burnt at the stake for magicking my clothes away.

Color Run: Oct 3. This depends on how my lungs feel. I plan on wearing a Darth Vader mask of the caliber I used whilst gutting houses in New Orleans re: Katrina. The corn starch is awful on your lungs when you’re trying to run.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Lecture at DPAC: Oct 8. This is local and not to be missed.

Halloween Night Debaucheries: Oct 31. We go out with our regular crew (Traci, Tony, Mike, Paulette, Jim, et. al.) to hit O’Malleys and various other spots around town. I will try to hold my liquor and wear a costume that doesn’t have a risk of exposing all of my various and sundry parts. It’s how I roll. This year, I like to cosplay as a female Arno from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Mike got me a phantom blade and I need an excuse to wear it in real life. This is going to mean some serious sewing and I may have to make a dress form out of duct tape after all. Eek! But if it means I can avoid heels and wear pants in cold weather, I am down for such challenges.  If not, then who knows what I’ll make.  Hmmm.


Steve and Amy Visit: Nov 12-16. Steve and Amy are coming! We know them through our visit to LOST 2014 last year in Hawaii and our trip to Orlando for more LOST related activities in June. We are planning on going to Wilmington to visit Kelley (also of LOST 2014 fame) and maybe west into the mountains of NC for another visit to the Land of Oz

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Dec. 11-14. We are going for my birthday!!! I cannot wait. Jenny sent me a gift card because she is the best ever. It will probably be spent on butterbeer and tissues to soak up the tears that result from all of my dreams coming true. We will be meeting up with Amy and Steve again, since they are local-ish to the park and have season passes.

Needless to say, I’m super pumped and am squirreling away all the extra cash I can in order to fund all of these adventures. Turkey legs don’t buy themselves, after all.

What are your travel plans for the rest of 2015? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “In The Works: Travel in Late 2015

  1. Haha you’re right weddings wait for nobody & certainly dont go on vacation 🙂
    I am incredibly jealous for all of your upcoming adventures they sound amazing!!! Lots of dressing up, perfect for fall/october haha and I would totally be down for that drinking game Im petrified of coasters! What I’m most jealous of is harry potter world!!! Ive wanted to go so long, promise to post everything?!? well, have a great day love.

    • You can totally do little side adventures, too. Pick a cool coffee place to visit or go to a local historic site or park for an hour. You can totally carve out some more fun in there.

  2. I wish I had more travel plans for 2015! The only ones left for me are a mini trip to Wisconsin to visit my sister in college and home to Connecticut and New York for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love that you have your trips planned out! It definitely gives you something to look forward to. Sounds like a fun Fall/Winter Meghan 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m super pumped about it, but kind of freaking out about saving enough to get to do everything I want to do.
      CT, NY, and WI are pretty sweet in the winter (I’m too southern to hate snow, lol) and I’m sure you can insert some mini-adventures in there with family. Have a great rest of 2015!

  3. Sounds like you have so many fun things planned for the rest of the year! I really need to come up with a plan so that I can schedule this kind of stuff for my husband and I. And I can’t believe you go to the Howl-o-scream and halloween horror night events. I am such a chicken. I will never go to those things! Just send me to mickey’s not so scary halloween party please hahah

    Jessica |

    • I am also the biggest chicken. It’s why the actors target me. They can smell fear and know to chase me. It’s never pretty and I actually did knock stuff out of a woman’s hands one year. Not proud. Everyone else loves scary stuff, so it’s my yearly concession. Last year, I rode a rollercoaster and cried, so they took me to Colonial Williamsburg as a treat afterward. You wouldn’t believe it, but I’m almost 30, not 13. Haha! We all have our thing.

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