Weekend Bag: Photo Outings and Exploration

Photo Jul 24, 10 25 12 AM

We’re leaving tonight to head to West Virginia for a photo session and some side exploration.  And maybe a cookout with my parents? Yeah, so I decided to show you how I pack for that kind of thing.

How is this different from every other weekend bag compilation?  I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to packing, so this a really simple way to pack three days of work and play into a small bag without pulling all of your hair out.

1. Technology! I’m going to have to get a newer version of the Adobe Creative Suite from my dad (since it imported oddly from my backed up versions) and I may have to do some work in our down time, so I’ll have to cart along the laptop.  I layer the clothes along the bottom, put in the electronics, then layer whatever warm shirt I’ve packed on top so nothing gets damaged.  I’ll get a hard case for it soon, methinks.  When I don’t have work or software issues, I opt for the tablet instead.

2. Luggage.  It’s pretty squishable for optimal packing situations where I have no idea what may end up in my car.  The key to successful adventures is planning for contingency.

3. Comfy, decent night clothes.  I don’t care what you usually wear to sleep.  If there is a possibility anyone other than your significant other is going to see you after bed time, you’re probably going to want to include pants. I grew up in a very comfortable household (pants are rare), but somehow I just feel better hanging out in yoga pants when I’m not in the comfort of my own home. I also don’t sweat much, so these can stretch through two nights.  Don’t judge.

4. Cold options. Ever since I lost my 30+ lb. life sweater, I get cold very easily.  Since we are staying at my parent’s one night and a B&B another night, I don’t want to chance the indoor climate. Flannel forever!

5. Cell phone.  Obviously.  I can run parts of my business from here, so I can leave the computer in the bag unless I reallllly need it.

6. Cords. Another really obvious point.  Somehow, I always manage to forget at least one, so I buy sets specifically for travel and stick them in a glasses case.  Quick organization and no pesky tangling situations.

7. Planner. I can justify adding this because I still haven’t graduated to the 21st century Google version. I should, but this just works better for me.

8. Jewelry. This is how I keep my wardrobe simple without looking like a total frump.  Necklace courtesy of WildThorne Jewels.

9. Toiletries. My opinion: You don’t have to bring the whole bathroom with you.  Tiny shampoo, tiny soap, tiny face wash, tiny SPF, tiny toothbrush/paste.  I stock my supplies by stealing from hotels.  Yes, I am that person.

10. Clothes. Two days worth. I’m already wearing the shorts for tomorrow. I’m not including the underthings, obviously. You don’t need that kind of optical damage.

11. Backup battery. This is going to save your life, especially if you are attached to your phone and don’t feel like attaching yourself to a wall, as well.

12. Cute, versatile shoes. Better than your crappy beat-up Rainbows, but still durable enough not to leave you a shoeless cliché in your home state of WV.  Pick something that will match everything to ward away the frump.

What do you pack for weekend trips?  Let me know in the comments!

~ Meg


9 thoughts on “Weekend Bag: Photo Outings and Exploration

  1. I wear yoga pants for a good 5 days in a row. I DON’T CARE. I don’t sweat much either. Lol. When I pack for a 2 day weekend I also use a squishable bag. But, I end up always overpacking. It’s a problem of mine. Also, I forgot about you staying the B&B. I’ve never stayed in one. How was it?

    • I don’t stop with the yoga pants until they have a smell. Better to overpack than underpack. I’ve had too many “Oops, no deodorant” situations.

      The B&B was awesome. Tons of coffee, way cleaner than a hotel, and the biggest, best breakfast of my life.

  2. Why would I judge? I regularly wear the same things more than once, in a row if I can…including my underwear. I know, everyone’s all, “CHANGE YOUR UNDERWEAR!” But like why? I did not just shit my pants. What the fuck is going on in my vagina that requires my underwear to change? Not a damn thing. Actually, my boob sweat would warrant an underwear change way sooner than anything in my girl parts. I usually do pack extra underwear just in case, one bra (the one I’m wearing), biker shorts, a skirt, and three t-shirts. If I’m going swimming, then a swimsuit. If I’m going running, then a fuckton more, which is annoying.

    • Nice! I’m on the opposite end of the underwear spectrum. I usually overpack. But after a few incidents where I’ve ended up with muddy EVERYTHING, I’ve since changed my packing methods because I have no problem walking around in my underwear. I do have a problem walking around naked (or in a rain jacket, which has also happened). And yes, running definitely changes things. 🙂

    • I had some real issues leaving that behind. I decided that I’d be doing enough activities that I wouldn’t have time for a run. Turns out that I was right for once — any other time I’d be super sad about it. 🙂

  3. Your planner is very pretty! I haven’t been on a weekend trip in… like, never. If I went on one though I’d probably pack a bag similar to yours! I know when I travel anywhere though and am taking technology I always layer the bag with clothes, then the expensive technology, then more clothes for extra cushion 😀

    Jessica | Pyreflies.org

    • Wait I totally lied! I just remembered I did go on a weekend trip 2 years ago to Kissimmee! We stayed at a hotel and went to disney world and it was awesome. 😀

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