Friends That Blog

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When you have friends that blog, you get a whole new perspective on them. You get to see inside their mind and read about what interests them, so the next time you talk you have even more to talk about.  I am fortunate to have a bunch of creative friends, four of which also happen to be bloggers:

1. Jenny @ Mish Mosh Makeup

I met Jenny through our marvelous time spent working at Borders (may it rest in peace). She’s pretty much my favorite person and we spend a lot of time on Google Chat sharing funny imgur links and talking about… well, blogging, among other things. I like to throw ideas at her and I’ve gotten a lot of really good advice from her in the past. We’ve got a great thing going.  She is a beauty blogger and has some really good advice that helps people like me feel like makeup and beautification is more accessible.

2. Mike @ The Exif Files

I spend a lot of time with this guy. He’s taught me a lot about photography and I would have never switched to manual mode without his help.  If you plan on attending LOST 2017, you can take one of his classes.  He shares a lot of insights about photography on his blog, so feel free to pick his brain on there.

3. Kayla @ Mountain Gypsy

I met Kayla when I was attending Marshall for journalism.  Since I am kind of introverted in real life, I didn’t get to know her very well outside of class.  Now that I’ve re-met her online, I’ve found that we have a lot of similarities. Her blog is all about her gypsy life, which usually leaves me wanting to do some yoga or write more insightful blogs (aka be a better person).

4. Mel @ Moleguin Cooks

Mel is another Borders friend — we worked in the back room together.  Mel and her husband made many overnight shifts more bearable through hysterical laughter and impassioned sing-alongs. She is a foodie to the core and blogs about her culinary adventures in Savannah.  Her posts are simply drool-worthy.

Do any of your friends blog? Does blogging ever leak into your conversations?

9 thoughts on “Friends That Blog

  1. Oh hi Jenny! Isn’t she gorgeous? That’s so cool you two know each other in real life. I wish I had IRL friends who blogged… it would be so much fun to talk to them about blog stuff 😀

    Jessica |

  2. Meeeeeeg!!!!! Yay! I love the shares. YOU’S THE BEST! One day after I move and settle in and figure out my school schedule and crap, we are gonna have to meet up in Asheville or something. Also, I love that you said you spend a lot of time with Mike. That made me LOL. Oh, oh, HEY MIKE.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so flattered! I am so glad we have reconnected through our writing. I didn’t know how to reach out to people in college (or really right now either), but I am so glad our paths crossed. Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers, and for being a constant supporter of my little piece of Internet. ❤️

    • I’m just so awkward. I mostly just sat silently at the end of the row of computers wondering why Burnis was being so hard on my articles. I know why now. Lol
      And I’m glad, too! Yay for blogging!

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