Scenes From The Great Computer Crash of 2015


This is not what you want to see when logging in for work in the morning. Even less the blinking question mark folder that appears shortly thereafter.


Instead, I worked on my iPad and drafted in my journal. It was actually really therapeutic when I wasn’t freaking out about my computer not working. My parents also lent me the use of their laptops when they slept in the morning. The benefit of learning to be an early riser! Because of all of this, I didn’t really miss a beat when it came to work.  


This is an Instagrammed shot of my computer’s innards. We got an extra SSD from one of Mike’s friends and the moment it landed in my hands, my stress melted. The search for the proper screwdrivers was way worse. Hint: Go to Lowe’s first. And a Y2 screwdriver will work just as well as a Y1.


Mike took this shot of me fiddling with the battery, which is the next thing on the list to be replaced. It barely holds a charge anymore. Did I mention that this laptop is 6+ years old? About time the HD fried. Anyway, I had to move the battery in order to get the old HD out.  I’ll either recycle it, Office Space it, or put it in a sacrificial bonfire around harvest time.


I laughed pretty hard at this. The SSD was formatted for Windows and seeing the little MacBook Pro underneath pushed me into hysterical giggles. I’d been sans laptop for about a week at this point, so I probably needed a cartoonish slap to get myself together again. Instead, I waited a day for my appointment at the Genius Bar. Evidently, you need to keep your startup discs — I didn’t and therefore couldn’t put my own OS on there. It turned out to be a good thing, since I had no idea how to partition things, etc. I learned a lot from the Genius Bar guy. Running total for replaced hard drive and OS installation: $0. Score!


Can you tell I took this one in the dark? Ha! This was the best sight to see. Now for the PSA: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER. Stop everything and do it right now. Since I saw that the end was near a few weeks ago, I’ve been religiously backing up. I thought I had lost the pictures I took of the LOST panel, but they ended up being on DropBox. In the end, I only lost a few cell phone pictures. Coming back to essentially the same desktop setup, files, etc. saved me a lot of tears in the end. Now, go get an external drive and back up everything.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 3.02.12 PM

Oh, see that there? That’s me working on my computer. It’s even faster and has more space than when I bought it back in mid-2009. Woo! Upgrade! 

I’m now back to regularly scheduled life and blogging.  Sorry for the absence.  I’ll be posting pictures and travels from the last week in the next few days.  Thanks for being patient with me!

Have you ever replaced parts on your computer? Have you backed up your data, yet? No? I’ll wait…


6 thoughts on “Scenes From The Great Computer Crash of 2015

  1. I backup my photos as often as I remember. I had a virus on my computer a few years ago and I took it to a guy who backed it up and reset it (or something, something. I have no idea. All I know is, he took the virus off and all my pictures were still there. That’s all I cared about lol)

    glad you’re back!!

    Jessica |

  2. This is my own personal hell. Seriously, I hate technology issues and I always FREAK OUT when I think something isn’t going to work or I’m going to lose information or photos. Kyle is always getting onto me for not backing up or updating my computer. Like, who has time for that?! I am so impressed that you were able to basically fix it yourself. I would have started the hysterical giggling long before you did. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to back up everything device I own.

    • If it weren’t for Mike’s involvement (prodding), it would still be broken. It helps to have someone reassuring you that you can do something, even when you’re dragging your heels.
      Back it up NOW!

  3. Siiiiiiiiigh, I know I should learn from you but but but… I don’t WANNA back up my computer. BECAUSE LAZINESS.


    I’m glad you got yours working again. Fo’ free. That is all the wins. And I’m even more glad you still had your LOST photos, because that would be heartbreaking to lose! I can’t wait to see those photos from your trip (so I can envy you more).

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