Conquering Beach Feet

I’m at the beach for two weeks juggling work, family time, and attempting to get rid of my weird runner’s tan. You know how people say that going to the beach and walking on sand will help make your feet softer? They keep recommending that for the calluses on my feet, which are endemic to people who enjoy running or hiking.  Well, maybe sandy beaches work for most people.  However, my feet decide to leach all of their moisture into the sand and turn into awful, sandpapery stubs of badness.  The beach simply ruins my feet.

Photo Jul 02, 12 05 42 PM

You’re welcome.

I have a strict routine that I follow to keep people from thinking I have leprosy. Here’s how I manage:


1. Pumice. Out of necessity, I show no mercy.  After about 5-10 minutes of relentless scraping, my feet are ready for the next step.

2. Minty goodness.  This exfoliates whatever I missed, sloughs off the debris, and refreshes my skin with mint and tea tree oil.

3. Moisturize. I usually pick something that will make up for my neglectful moisturizing habits.  I usually steer myself toward anything with aloe and vitamin E.

After that, I tend to re-moisturize throughout the next few days to try to keep my feet from relapsing.  I’ll probably repeat the steps every three days under the guise of prevention.

What do you do to keep your feet pretty? Any good tips for someone with disgusting feet like mine?

Have a good weekend everyone!


9 thoughts on “Conquering Beach Feet

  1. I love the photo of the moon instead of your feet. We all know what feet look like – no need for feet photos. That srub looks nice. I have a little electric foot spa. I put salts and essential oils in it. It was a Christmas gift years ago. It’s great. They’re not expensive. I used to use it regularly but I’ve really got out of the habit. It’s good to know there are other people with real feet! Thanks from Debra @

  2. haha “you’re welcome” – too funny. honestly I wish more people used images of other things besides posting pictures of their feet! like… some things should be kept private. pictures of feet are one of those things!!! 😉


    • Feet pictures are the worst, though I’ve been guilty one or two times. Haha! You’ll never see me leaving my boobs around the Internet, so that makes up for my previous trespasses.

  3. The last time I got a pedicure, the lady doing at it looked at me like I was crazy as she saw the dead skin off my feet…I really need to get into a routine like this. My feet are so neglected and beat up thanks to running.

  4. LOL, “You’re welcome.” GEE THANKS. My feet usually look AWFUL. I remember one time Andy seeing the bottoms of my awful peeling feet and being so grossed out (we were at a wave pool). My feet always peel like crazy during summer. I do absolutely nothing to help it. Because I am lazy. That is the one and only reason. LET MY NASTY FEET BE KNOWN.

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