LOST at Walker Stalker in Orlando


Mike and I went to Orlando this past weekend to attend Walker Stalker Con.  Yes, it was technically a Walking Dead convention.  However, we attended because there were five actors from LOST there.  I only got through two seasons of Walking Dead, because someone told me to read the graphic novel and now I’m too sad to continue with the show.  Because we didn’t watch it, we didn’t really have an interest in meeting any actors from the Walking Dead. This was all to the good because Norman Reedus was lady bait for *at least* 9/10ths of the total population of the con. A shame, because I really liked Boondock Saints.


So, we mostly had all the LOST characters to ourselves in our little fan group of about 200 people. We did spend a crazy amount of time in Elizabeth Mitchell’s line.  She was only going to be there for one day, so I get it. There was also a LOST panel, which was the most populated panel of the con.  I cheated and stood on the sidelines to get closer shots.  Amazingly, I ended up talking my way into the third row for a few minutes.  MAGIC.  Such a great panel — hopefully it will end up on the internet soon.

There were a lot of people that attended LOST 2014, so we got to hang out with them, too.  Sadly, the organizer of LOST 2014 (Kelley) couldn’t attend, but she was definitely there in spirit.  Mike and I turned the con into an extended double date with Amy and Steve. They’re pretty much excessively delightful.


Mike got all of his autographs, Henry Ian Cusick called me sweetheart (*swoon*), and I ended the weekend on a downward trend weight-wise, in spite of eating ALL THE THINGS.  Not bad.

Until the next pilgrimage, here’s a wee gallery of some of the photos I took:

If you’re interested in attending LOST 2017, head here or ask me about it.  I’m helping out and I’ve got some great hotel recommendations. 🙂

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