Fitness Lately: Overusing Weight Loss Metaphors To Tell You I’m Slowly Getting Better

Starting Weight: 186 lbs.
Last Weigh-in: 157 lbs.
This Weigh-in: 155 lbs.

Photo Jun 15, 12 40 58 AM

The past three months. Seriously. Ugh.


When I wrote this post, I thought I had figured out what my body needed and that I was still going to lose at least a respectable amount of weight before my big June goal. Then I let my love of dessert and cheeseburgers slowly creep back into my life.  I’m only human. And sinning is tasty.

What have I learned in the past three months? Running too much while eating too much doesn’t work. Not exercising and eating too much doesn’t work, either.

I’m still losing weight in the big picture, but it feels like I am attempting to climb a very steep hill with loose dirt and cramping fingers.  Two steps forward, one step back, you know?

What Went Right:

When I realized, “Oh poops, I’ve been backsliding,” I controlled it within a few days.  THAT is progress for me.  To be completely honest?  It’s a first. Last time I let myself start eating my feelings and backsliding, I gained about 30 lbs. Instead, this time I only slid from 154 to 157.  When I realized last week that I would have to be explaining why I gained weight in this post, I jumped right back on the horse.  Hooray for accountability!  Thanks, guys!

Getting back on the wagon meant changing my routine up just a bit.  I started walking around the lake more, as driving to/from Umstead is not that great during rush hour. I’ve been neglecting the lake, so it is nice to be back there. I’ll head back to Umstead next week. Bonus: there’s all sorts of stuff to forage at our lake.

Photo Jun 10, 3 12 17 PM

I’ve changed up my walking routine to include lunge, squat, and push-up intervals that were inspired by Erica, in order get more out of it.  That I did.  I was feeling it for several days after.  I’ll be incorporating more activities into that routine as my butt heals.

I also got back into yoga in order to regain full mobility from aforementioned butt injuries.  Lunges do that.  I managed a 45-minute session and realized that I am not as flexible as I thought I was.  I need to do AT LEAST two sessions a week to get to where I’d like to be bendy-wise.

New Goals:

My new goal is to hit 150 by September 15th. Part of me thinks this may be a pipe dream, but I need to get back to thinking 5 lbs in three months is a doable thing.  Just typing that sentence made me feel pretty ashamed of myself. So, here’s to pushing myself harder.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What is your most recent success?

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16 thoughts on “Fitness Lately: Overusing Weight Loss Metaphors To Tell You I’m Slowly Getting Better

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  7. I wish I was more flexible and “bendy” – I tried yoga and almost died 5 minutes in lol I was like “noooo my body does not do that!” haha I need to set a timer on my phone to remind me to do some yoga. I always forget! 😦


    • I have the “Yoga Studio” app and that’s how I eased into it. Now I can do some seriously crazy stuff.
      I need to do it more, but I always forget, too. I’m trying to do a plan that I do five minutes for every hour that I sit at my desk just to get my blood flowing again. We shall see if that actually happens. Lol

  8. I LOVE yoga! Even if I don’t feel like it’s helping me drop any weight, I can definitely tell it’s making me more flexible. I also love how it makes me aware of my body and how things feel and how things move – so cool!

    • It’s definitely given me more awareness and a better appreciation for what my body can do. I’m the only one in my family who can do a back bend, so they were all very impressed at Christmas. Ha! Definitely worth the time and patience. It builds muscle and that helps you burn calories, so it’s all relative. 🙂

  9. I love that you are focusing on what went right and not getting down on yourself about a backslide! I had a baby a year ago and have lost the weight, but so much muscle and strength as well. I’m not as in shape as I used to be and that’s my goal these days. Thanks for some motivation on a Monday!

    • Congrats on losing the weight! I hear that can be really tough, though I haven’t gone through it myself, yet. Someday, I’ll be emailing you for advice.
      I try to focus on the good stuff, because I am always one fresh egg away from eating an entire bowl of brownie batter. Any negativity could set me back even further, so I stick with the “every meal is a new chance to do it right” mentality.
      Your strength will come back. You can always use your little man as a very cute weight training tool. 🙂

  10. I don’t know if I’d ever exercise or eat healthily if it weren’t for the accountability I feel when blogging. It takes different things to motivate different people, but blogging is the the leading cause of me having a somewhat healthy lifestyle!

  11. Isn’t it amazing how sore you can be by just adding some squats and lunges into your walk or run?!

    I’m also convinced having a blog has kept me on track with being healthy. I was healthy and active before I started the blog, but when I know I have my ‘fitness friday’ posts to share listing my workout for the week I feel really, really, bad if I go 3 days without working out!

    • I was pretty astounded by how much I hurt afterward. Mike thought it was pretty funny to watch me hobble around, though, so at least I entertained him.

      This last quarter would have been totally different if I did a Fitness Friday. I just need to keep my seasonal posts in mind whenever I stare lustily at a box of shells and cheese. A weekly post, though? I’d have met my ultimate weight loss goal and have run 16 marathons by now. It’s something that clearly works. Internet-based peer pressure wins the day!

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