Currently In Love With… (4)

This is a series I started based on three things that I am endlessly obsessed with — following the theme of my blog: Adventures, Creations, and Growing Things. If you’d like to read previous posts, they’re herehere,  and here. Enjoy!


PicMonkey Collageh

Mike and I went to the Raleigh Maker’s Market this weekend to check out all of the great items for sale.  It was in a little alcove next to Benelux Coffee — such a good chance to see all kinds of different vendors, there was live music to enjoy, and way too many things I wanted to buy. Among the vendors there were @catbirdpottery@trulyyoursdesignco, @peshtowels, @sluicegear, @worthandbeautyshop, and @raleighmakersmarket.  In fact, you can contact @raleighmakersmarket for more info on all of the vendors there.  It was a lovely gathering and I could have lingered there all day.

Other than that, and the random (mid-tropical storm) wedding photography outing, we’ve been keeping it close to home.  I’m trying to build my business and Mike just bought a new car, so we aren’t really trying very hard to spend right now.  Later this month, we are planning to attend the Walker Stalker Con in Florida to stalk some LOST actors and meet up with some LOST 2014 compatriots.  That weekend intersects with my parents’ two-week beach extravaganza, so I’ll be heading to Topsail Island to make that my work outpost until mid-July.  I’ll be in and out of Raleigh, refilling my plant reservoirs and visiting Mike during the week.  That is the magic of the beach being only two hours away — I can drive back and forth without too much pain.



PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been slowly knocking random craft projects out of the way in the past few weeks.  Example: Mike walked in on me cooking lasagna and pinning my Renaissance dress on myself in preparation to start with the process of taking it in and reworking to a different century.  I *need* a dress form. My biggest, most recent project was putting together the above wedding scrapbook for a client (see above reference to taking wedding pictures during a tropical storm).  It took up the entire kitchen bar, no small feat.  Totally wonderful when assembled, so it was worth sacrificing a whole Sunday.

Growing Things:

Photo Jun 08, 6 30 08 PM

TOMATOES!  I am so ready for those suckers to ripen.  I braved Tuesday’s rush-hour at Kroger because I wanted fresh food with a vengeance.  I looked into my bag as I was putting it in the car and realized that I could be growing all of it in my own yard in a few years (strawberries, mixed greens, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.).  Of course, I’d love to do that now, but there just isn’t the room for it.  I need to keep my total amount of plants under 30 this year, not 60 like last.  Ha!

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

I’ve also been working on my foraging/identification game.  Pictured in the above are (left to right): Elderberry, some form of nightshade, thistle, crown vetch, sassafras, blackberries, plantain.  Aside from the nightshade (I didn’t know if I would die from eating it, since I didn’t know the species) and the crown vetch (the only use I could find for it in my searches was that pretty much only certain mammals eat it and it isn’t that tasty), I had to control major urges to harvest and eat.  I did eat the ripe berries.  I revisited the thistle on my walk today and city workers had mowed it.  What a waste — next time I will know to steal it.

What are you loving right now? 


5 thoughts on “Currently In Love With… (4)

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  2. Oh wow! Look at all those photos! How long did it take you to finish the scrapbook?

    And yeah, I also think “Man. I could grow all these veggies myself” but I just know I would not have the patience to keep up with a garden. But who knows, maybe one day!


    • Taking the photos – 7-8 hours
      Printing the photos – 1.5 hours
      Assembling the book – 2 hours
      Required shopping – 1 hour

      I think I should charge more after reading that. Lol. It’s an investment. I usually leave them blank so brides can customize to their tastes, but I add stuff if they want. That’s probably an additional 2 hours.

      Gardening requires more patience than I have. I kind of look at it like a video game. I’m putting time and work into something that can help gain me XP and level up later. If I didn’t have that insight, I wouldn’t do it.

  3. The fact that you can take a 2 hour trip and be at the beach fills me with envy such as I’ve never felt before. And now you’re telling me you get to go stalk more LOST actors, again? LOATHES ENTIRELY.

    But really, you’re awesome and I love you. But I’m allowed to be jealous.

    • You can live vicariously through me, madam. Someday, when I run into Jorge Garcia again, I will demand that he Skype you. Because I can pretend that I have that much power.

      I’m not at the beach nearly as much as I should be. Sighhhh. I need to work on that.

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