Strange Aloe Behavior and a Sunburn DIY

Confession: I’m the first person to kill an aloe plant. I lean toward nurturing my plants too hard and aloe just doesn’t dig that.  I get it, I was a teenager once. Before I know it, any recently acquired aloe plant has turned brown and has started liquifying before my eyes.

This year, once I saw that it had started to brown and wilt, I took off the salvageable leaves and put it off into the corner of the garden to die.  I neglected it so hard that I forgot it was there for a few… weeks.  Oops.  Evidently, that was the best thing for it, since now it’s doing this crazy thing where new shoots are coming out from random places.  Good sign?  I have no idea, but the shoots are a lovely shade of green that I’m feeling pretty good about.
DSC_3332 (1)

Obviously, I deal better in things that can be coddled into cooperation, like tomatoes or orchids. Aloe is an enigma to me.

What did I do with all of my aloe leaves? I stuck them in the freezer and forgot about them until I horribly sunburned myself.  As I said in my recent review of rosehip seed oil, I am the Queen of Sensitive Skin — I really need to get on that JPEG.  Since it’s pretty much summer here now, I’m usually pretty wary about leaving the house without some form of SPF (sunscreen, hat, giant umbrella that shades the area of a small duchy).  Last week, we went to Mike’s company picnic and it was a cloudy day, so I idiotically thought I’d be okay without using my usual skin cancer prevention protocols.  WRONG. I was crispy within half an hour. Rookie mistake.

IMG_8034 (1)

I came home and immediately took my aloe out of the fridge to make the following concoction:

Photo Jun 05, 12 24 48 PM


-1-2 Aloe Leaves Worth of Guts
-6-8 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oils

To make this mixture, I put the drops into a measuring cup.  Then I slice length-wise into the leaf and open it like a book.  Scrape the guts (there’s no better word for it) into the measuring cup, mix well with a fork or in a blender, and you’re ready to apply it.


The utter gloriousness of this mixture is that it keeps well in the fridge and isn’t sticky on application. You know that gross blue stuff you buy from the store that makes it disgusting to touch anything or wear clothes after you apply it?  You’re not going to get that from this treatment.  It absorbs and cools your skin quickly without all the trouble of running around the house naked and blue. You can also add lavender essential oil to add an even higher degree of soothing ecstasy on your torched skin.  This is the first time I haven’t peeled from a burn like this, so there’s that.

Thankfully, since I may have found the secret to keeping aloe alive this summer, I will have more to hand just in case. At any rate, I refuse to leave the house without sunscreen and my giant hat for a long time.

Do you have sensitive skin or burn easily?  Have you ever kept an aloe plant alive? Let me know your secrets!


I received this as a promotional review from InstaNatural. While it is encouraged that you shower me with gifts and stuff, all opinions remain my own.

14 thoughts on “Strange Aloe Behavior and a Sunburn DIY

  1. This is great. My Mum used to keep an aloe vera plant in the kitchen and use it to treat burns. This post has reminded me. So I’m going to get my own plant for my kitchen. Thanks from Debra @

  2. I have never had a sun burn. I just get darker within minutes but my husband on the other hand, he burns super easily. A few years ago he had a really bad sun burn on his shoulders and back… that poor guy, he was crying all night. Wish I had known about this! I remember we bought that sticky aloe stuff from the store… never again!!


  3. I’m a redhead that burns way too easily. Hoping to avoid any sunburns this summer, but if not, I am going to try this. I love essential oils!

  4. Oh my gosh, thank you for this post. I, too, have been known to love my plants to death. Or completely forget about them and find them dead weeks later. I have been wanting to get an aloe plant, and I’ll definitely be keeping this DIY in mind!

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