Thoughts On A Run

This post is in honor of National Running Day.  Yes, it’s a thing. 

I end up talking a lot about running these days and I’m pretty sure my close friends are tired of it.  I can’t help it.  This has evolved from something I did to lose weight to something I need to do in order to stay happy and sane.  Did you know that endorphins are addictive?


Since I’ve been spending up to 2 hours or more on the trail on any given day, I have a lot of time to listen to books. Audiobooks keep me on the trail longer because I can’t stop until I find out if Stephen King’s damn dome ever came up or if Morgaine can manage to save the crumbling situation with that pesky Arthur.  No matter how compelling the story, my mind ends up wandering to other things.


Here are some of the weird, endorphin-addled things that go through my head on a long run:

– “I probably can’t have a pedicure until this blister heals. They’ll be so grossed out.”

– Realizing I should have worn my heart rate monitor.

– *High fives startled hiker* “He probably thinks I’m a total jerk.”


– “This hill.  I can conquer it.  I can conquer most of this hill.  I can go to the halfway point.  I can make it to that tree, that is where I stop.  Screw it, it’s okay if I stop here.”

– Anything having to do with cats.


– *Trips over root, pops back up* “Run fast enough so that couple thinks I’m fine.”

– “I feel like Godzilla punched me in the face.”

– Being amazed at what the trail has done to my body.  I look like a completely different person.

– “Have I stopped sweating because I’m awesome or because I’m dehydrated? I feel great, so I’ll go with the former.”

– “I wonder what Janet Jackson is doing right now.”

– “I need to get on top of my taxes. Yesterday.”

– Endless ideas for books, blog ideas, and short stories.  Seriously.  I have a whole folder in my email dedicated to ideas I email to myself while running.

– “If I run an extra 3 miles, I could totally legitimize a burger tonight… right?”

– “I probably need new running shoes.”

– Wondering when I get the month’s new book credit on Audible.

– *Constant prayer of protection against runner’s poops*  It’s a real thing.

Do you run? What are some of the weird things that go through your head? 

Happy National Running Day!

~ Meg

11 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Run

  1. HAHAHAHA I laughed through most of it but I lost it when I got to, “I wonder what Janet Jackson is doing right now?” HAHA. Oh that’s good.

  2. Haha I love this!! The random things we think when we run! Sounds like a post I need to do sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Is it a problem, having that kind of weird toughts all day long? ;-D
    When I run I can’t help concentrating on the moment’ flowerings scent… a couple days of sun have burned out all the Ligustrum (privet) flowers, so that now I’ll have to run at evening, to appreciate the Tilia (linden) ones… does it happen to you, too?

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