Simple Healing Mask: Rosehip Seed Oil


I had a stressful two weeks in the middle of this month. For a lot of people, crappy sleep and work stress shows itself on your face after a few days.  I am no exception.


See that?  My broken out face?  That’s where my new mask concoction comes to the rescue. This mask is ridiculously simple to make and apply.  All it takes are 2 TBS of honey and 6-8 drops of rosehip seed oil. Pour in the honey, add the drops, and mix well.  A lot of the recipes call for yogurt, but dairy makes a lot of people break out worse than how they started.  Since I am the Queen of Sensitive Skin, I left out the yogurt element.


I used a popsicle stick to apply it.  A clean finger works, too, if you aren’t swimming in popsicle sticks.  I use them for labeling plants, so I always have plenty.  Make sure to avoid your eyes and the inside of your nose — this is purely for external use only.  You should end up with looking like this:


There will most likely be some unflattering drip-action going on, so keep a paper towel nearby and don’t wear anything you plan on wearing for the rest of the day.  You will want to lick your own face, but please refrain from doing so (the struggle was real).  Remember, this is for external use only.  You’re also going to want to avoid hungry bears for the foreseeable future. After about 20 minutes, use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe the mixture off of your face.  Rinse the cloth with hot water (the honey will dissolve easier this way), and go over your face again until all the honey is gone.


The verdict? Not only did this make my face super soft and not greasy at all (like other oils might), it immediately calmed my skin enough to speed healing along.  The above picture was taken right after I cleaned off the mixture, but hours later, I could tell a real difference in how my face was acting.  Less grease is a big deal for me.  Not to mention that my face didn’t immediately become inflamed. This has my Queen of Sensitive Skin Seal of Approval.

Here are a few of the reasons why you might want to try it out:


I plan on incorporating the rosehip oil into a nightly routine, probably using just the oil diffused in some water right before bed.

I recommend this oil from Leven Rose if you’re in the market.  It’s organic and made by a company that actually cares about what they are doing/how they are treating their customers.  I have nothing but good things to say about this oil.  Like I said before, it’s got the Queen of Sensitive Skin Seal of Approval.  I probably need to make that JPEG after this post.

Have you incorporated any essential oils into your routine lately? What’s your favorite?

~ Meg

I received this as a promotional review from Leven Rose. While it is encouraged that you shower me with gifts and stuff, all opinions remain my own.

14 thoughts on “Simple Healing Mask: Rosehip Seed Oil

  1. Hola woman! I’ve made a mask similar to this before, but I used Marula Oil instead. It definitely is difficult to keep from licking your upper lip llooolllll. I’ve also used a honey and olive oil mixture as a hair mask- but I don’t recommend it, because it takes about 4 years to get it completely out of your hair (me thinks it was the olive oil that clung onto my hair). I’m actually gonna post a quick lil’ hair mask recipe at some point this week… though I don’t have any ‘in the process’ photos cuz it looks like chunky mucus. Anywho- keep up with the oil at night. I always wear an oil underneath my moisturizer in le evenings. I rotate them. I got my Marula Oil from Acure Organics (the same company that sells the shampoo/conditioner I told you about earlier).

    • It also helps reduce spots, scars, and fine lines. It’s high in omega-6, omega-3, and vitamins A/E. Pretty fantastic all around.
      I try to aim for natural, as I tend to have crazy reactions from my sensitive skin. It’s stupidly finicky. 🙂

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