I’m Not Here

Hey, so remember when I was trying to make it as a freelancer?  Yeah, that’s why I’ve not been updating much.  I bid on a giant, lengthy contract, won it, and am now spending anywhere from 6-8 hours of my day typing away.  Sorry I’ve been absent — I’ll be posting more as I get settled into work.

For fun, here’s what my desk and bed have been looking like on a regular basis. I obviously don’t have time to clean anything now. Ha!


What have you been into lately?  What have I missed in blogworld?

6 thoughts on “I’m Not Here

  1. Yayayayayay again on getting the contract. You’s a go-getter. It sounds like a lot of hours spent at your desk working, but hey, at least you don’t have to put on real pants? Yes!

  2. Congrats on winning the freelancing contract! What book series is that boxed set on the top middle left? I recently read Ready Player One and immediately decided I needed to re-read it to catch more — I enjoyed it THAT much!

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