+LifeGuard Portable Charger

I get things in the mail to review from time to time.  This is the first one I’ve kept in my purse.  That’s a pretty big deal.


This little device can magically serve as a charging port for smart phones, cameras, mp3 players, and gaming devices.  As for me?  I pretty much just use it for my phone.  I needed it once and got a full charge out of it.  It seriously filled my heart with joy.  The biggest thing for me is that they included a lightning cable that’s compatible with my iPhone.  It’s also got a cable that can fit Mike’s phone.

It literally brings together the separated Android and Apple houses.  Wow.

Other than charging my phone, it’s small enough for me to stick in my purse and not notice it clanking around.  It’s small, lightweight, and unobtrusive.  This has Future Backpacking Trip written all over it.

Photo May 01, 7 10 59 PM

I really can’t find anything bad to say about it.  They sent me a hot pink one, which makes it really easy to spot in my purse or in a backpack.  It comes in tons of colors, though, so that’s easily avoided if you don’t like hot pink.

If you are tired of being chained to a wall in an airport or are about to go on a distance hike, I highly recommend grabbing one of these before you leave.

I received this as a promotional review from +LifeGuard. While it is encouraged that you shower me with gifts and stuff, all opinions remain my own.

3 thoughts on “+LifeGuard Portable Charger

  1. WAIIIIIIT. Do they or do they not charge Windows phones? Whyyyy do all of these companies forget about us poor Windows phone users?!

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