Fitness Lately: A Mid-Goal Update on The Importance of Rest Days


Earlier this month, I felt like I was living through the longest plateau ever. In response to that, I ran harder. When that didn’t work, I then cut out 100 calories from my daily limit. When THAT didn’t work, I ran even longer and harder. My body finally got more stubborn than me and insisted on gaining weight until I realized that I was pushing myself too hard.  Because your body just knows, right?

After getting on the scale to see another day of gains after a particularly long run and looking in the mirror to see that I was super bloated (during the wrong section of the month for that), it finally dawned on me that I had not taken any rest days in a while.  I have so much trouble taking rest days, since it feels like if I take one, then I take another and another until I realize that I haven’t done anything in a month or two or five.  It’s happened before.

After a week (yes, a week and it was agonizing), the extra 5 lbs literally fell off.  Point taken, body, you win this time.  Now, results-driven as I am, I’ve been incorporating more rest days.  It’s still not coming to me naturally, but I’ll get there.

Takeaway: Everything about wanting to be healthier requires balance and moderation.  Too much of a “good” thing can still cause you harm.  I’m still on track to lose weight before my goal in June, but I am not so sure about losing enough to hit my goal.  I’ve hit the point in this journey where the pounds don’t fall off as easily as they used to, and I have to adjust accordingly.  The main thing here is that I am still losing, still changing, still getting stronger and healthier.  The speed at which I get there is irrelevant.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What are your most recent successes?

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9 thoughts on “Fitness Lately: A Mid-Goal Update on The Importance of Rest Days

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  8. I can relate on the whole, “taking a break,” turning into a 5 month long thing. For me, it’s been a good 7-8 months since I really worked up a sweat. I tell myself that walking my dogs at a slow pace for 2 miles every other day is good enough, when I know deep down it actually isn’t. LE SIGH MEGHAN, thanks for the reminder.

    • Lol. My bad. It’s totally a problem for me. I lapsed during my rest week and I haven’t run in a really long time. Just hiking. I need to run. Maybe after the parents leave this weekend?

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