Garden Update

Things are running their course in the garden.  Moving behind the bushes in the apartment complex was a great idea.  Plus, there seems to be no chance of peril, because the groundskeepers don’t come near it.  MWAHAHA!

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here before, gardening for me is less of an exact science and more of a blind experiment. For me, it’s the best way to learn.  That’s why it’s taken me several years to figure out what kind of container tomatoes are best or that catmint can stay outside and catnip should be kept inside.  But I totally get it now. I used to think I had a black thumb, and that’s still kind of true when it comes to aloe. I guess what I’m getting at here is that you can grow stuff, too.  It just takes time and love.  Like anything else.

Ripening berries: I need to put the net around my blueberry bush.  There are far too many birds and squirrels here.

Tomatoes are blooming — I can’t wait.  I finally got a container specific breed and cannot complain about the results. Tomatoes are my favorite to grow — I have the best gardening memories about tomatoes.

Catmint.  Not catnip.  This is why it can survive in my apartment complex without being completely destroyed.  Makes good tea, though!

I was really nervous about this bay tree (tiniest tree ever).  I thought it was close to kicking the bucket this winter, so I am glad to see it producing again.  My sage is lurking in the background.

Lavender.  Aren’t those leaves wonky? I have no idea what that’s about.


How does your garden grow? What’s your favorite thing to grow?

2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Your garden is coming along nicely. I’ve never though about growing my own blueberries before, but that is a brilliant idea. I rarely buy blueberries anymore because every. single. time. I buy them, they are riddled with mold in the middle of the package. Andy’s papa plants a huge garden each year so we usually get our home grown veggies from him!

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