Thoughts Coming Out Of The Weekend

Photo Apr 13, 11 53 15 AM

– North Carolina is covered in the most pollen.

– Trying to be healthy and lose weight amounts to nothing if you don’t drink enough water. Duh.

– Remember to stop overanalyzing. Make quick decisions and move onto the next big thing.

– The pool should have opened a week ago.  It’s hot enough, now, guys.  Let’s not be conventional.

– I don’t know how to dress like an adult without covering everything up.  Before I lost all of the weight, I relied solely on cardigans, because of their magical camouflaging properties. Working on that.

– New on the travel bucket list: Gros Morne National Park

I hope your weekend was amazing!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts Coming Out Of The Weekend

  1. All of that pollen in that photo makes my nose feel stuffy, even though I haven’t any allergies to it. Gross. My mom would probably start sneezing if I showed her this photo. She’s allergic to basically the entire outside world.

    Also, AIN’T NUTHIN WRONG WITH CARDIGANS. I love covering up. I feel uncomfortable showing my body parts to people I don’t know. I don’t want other people to see my legs, arms, bum, etc. That’s for me and my hubs. Not the nasty toothless redneck at WalMart. But to each their own.

    And and and, DRINK ALL THE WATER.

    KBAI ❤

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