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I was super excited to get these essential oils in the mail from InstaNatural.  Do you know how difficult and expensive it is to distill the oils yourself?  Enough to make me look into attempting it only once.  Ha!  Maybe I’ll save that for when I retire and have a proper shed for it.

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I went basic and got bottles of peppermint and lavender to try out. I’m pretty pleased with the InstaNatural company itself (small biz, organic, small batch, quality-driven, lack of multi-level scheming), and I definitely love what’s come of my use of these oils.

Can I also mention that the retail on both of these bottles from InstaNatural (4 oz or 120 ml) was less than $40, when the same from Young Living would have cost me just under $60 for 1/8th of the amount (.5 oz or 15 ml). That, in itself, sold me.

So, how did I use these oils?  Well, I used the peppermint in a diffuser when I was borderline sinus-infected and it worked like a charm.  I used the lavender on a burn I got from the oven a few weeks ago and as a scar soother (it can fade scars over time).  Later on, I plan on using them in making soaps or shampoos, when I can find the time.

Since these are concentrated oils, I usually diffuse them with water before I use them, and that will definitely be the case when I turn them into products.  Most of the negative reviews I saw, which were sparse, were due to the strength of the smell of the oils.  Since oils are distilled into a concentrate form of what the actual plant would smell like, well, it’s going to be strong.  Kind of like hitting a field of lavender plants with a lawnmower and then taking a deep breath.  That’s my only warning.  Diffuse it or it will be strong and possibly irritate your skin on contact.  Because SCIENCE!

All in all, I plan to get more products from InstaNatural, sheerly because they impressed me with the type of quality you get for what you pay.  They’ve got a vast array of products that I’m going to check out and maybe review for you guys in the future.

Do you use essential oils?  Where do you get them?  What are your favorites/what do you suggest?

This is a sponsored post. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback. All products reviewed on this page were sent to me complimentary from InstaNatural, via Tomoson. 

4 thoughts on “Essential Oil Review — InstaNatural

  1. I didn’t know about lavender for scars. I’ve tried vitamin E for that but couldn’t tell if it worked. Thanks for the tips! “Lack of multi-level scheming”… yup, definitely saw people in my mom’s generation fall into that with products like these, and it definitely made me wary.

    • There’s tons of info on various uses for essential oils out there, if you’re interested. This specific one was given by a friend in the know, though.

      I am so wary of multi-level scheming that I hesitate donating to certain places before I know what they are all about, even charities. I’ve known too many people that have been swallowed by various and sundry companies to take my donations lightly.

  2. LOL. “Lack of multi-level scheming.” I’m so glad you put that in there. Yes, you can buy these oils without being harassed to join their team and make the big bucks! I’ve only ever used lavender oils, which I diluted with some water and put in a spray bottle, which I then used as a pillow mist. It helped me fall asleep without anxiety. I often feel anxious about how much sleep I’m going to get if I “fall asleep this instant.” I haven’t made it in a long time, though. Hmmm.

    • First, you’re fantastic. Of course I would put that in there!

      Lavender is pretty grand. You can try a citrus one for cleaning, just a few drops in some vinegar and it’s great for the kitchen. It’s all I use, because bleach-based products give me super headaches. I also do a rosemary oil treatment for stimulating hair growth, or tea tree oil for super zits.

      I simply love the idea of using my plant babies for something other than snuffling with wild abandon.

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