Necessary Ingredients


There’s a certain amount of sunshine things need to grow well.  Strawberries need full sun, at least six hours, to ripen to perfect sweetness. If any less, then the stems will wilt and the plant will just be some leaves and roots.  No sweetness, no productive nature… just leaves.

While humans don’t need six hours of sun, it is definitely necessary to our existence. Days like today, when I need the sun to peek through my office window and dose me with vital nutrients, it decides to rain. I get antsy this time of year, with winter receding and new projects starting — all I really want to do is go outside, run a few hard miles, and collapse into some soft grass to bask in the sun at the end.

But we all need the rain as much as the sun, plants and humans alike.  It’s just as nourishing and necessary.  Remember that.

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