Freelance Diaries: Refocusing and Un-Focusing

This week has been all about refocusing.  Or, rather, un-focusing.

Photo Mar 25, 3 28 33 AM

I’ve been practicing making quick decisions and going with them. Otherwise, I’d spend forever musing about domain names and scattered unrelated thoughts about nothing that really matters for my ‘right now’. If I feel overwhelmed, I take a quick nap or go on a run.  Things have been going more smoothly around here because of this little bit of refocusing and self care.

Garden related news: I stuck a few of my pots under my window where all the sun is in the afternoon.  Hopefully, this will make my babies happy and no one will come along and confiscate them.  Cross your fingers.

Life related news: I bit the bullet and got a real domain. If you’re reading me from a feed, check out the changes I’ve been making and get updates from this address.  Hopefully, it will redirect you without much strain.

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7 thoughts on “Freelance Diaries: Refocusing and Un-Focusing

  1. Since I was already following you via WordPress, I got your latest post via email just like usual. Congrats on the domain! I always liked the clean look and elevator pitchability of a .com. Go you on self care!

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