Marc & Lana’s Epicurean Adventures

Last night, Mike and I were invited Marc and Lana’s for a home cooked dinner.  We are all photography/events buddies and I’ve known them since I’ve been in Raleigh, but I’d never had the pleasure of one of their meals. Obviously, we jumped on the chance.  The Hunter’s aren’t just great cooks and bloggers, they also put real thought and love into what they make. Marc is the kind of guy who puts a lot of study into his passions and cooking is definitely one of them. Due to many legends of their culinary wonders, I had been anticipating this dinner for a long time.

Menu: Pork Belly with Coca-Cola-based BBQ sauce, Kale & Onions, Roasted Carrots, Applesauce.  All of it was made from scratch, people.


My goodness — everything complemented everything else perfectly.  I stole this photo from Marc, as he wasn’t using a cell phone for this.  I may or may not have eaten more than my share (half of Mike’s plate accidentally fell into my mouth, oops).  This was my first encounter with pork belly AND kale, but I’d say it was executed magnificently.


That amazing dinner (really, I can’t quite express the magic there) was followed by another from-scratch concoction — molten chocolate cake.  After that experience, I can say that I will forever be disappointed by restaurant versions of this dessert.  Never again!


What’s a decadent dessert without espresso?  My final takeaway from this is that the Hunter’s really know how to live.  Any time they want to trade food for garden labor, I’m down.

What’s the best home cooked meal you’ve had lately?

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