Fitness Lately: Reaching Goals, Lady Problems, and Finding New Bones


Starting Weight: 185 lbs.
Last Weigh-in: 162 lbs.
This Weigh-in:  157 lbs.

In my last post, I decided that I was going to lose 10 lbs. in 10 weeks in order to finally fall into the “healthy” BMI range. This is what happened.


This post should probably be titled, “The Longest Plateau of All Time.”  That’s what it felt like, even though I was still technically losing weight a little faster than I was at the beginning. I guess I just missed the momentum that I had this past autumn. Because of that, I only lost 5lbs, not the 10 that I intended.  Overall, any loss is a gain and the fact that I am keeping it off is something in itself. I finally got my weight loss momentum back after the week of insane moving.

Without grossing everyone out, I’m just going to say that I have very tough periods. Lots and lots of pain (that is now resistant to my prescribed meds, must go back to doc), lots of being physically ill (sometimes violently), lots of swelling, constipation, and water retention. I included this photo to show how crazy the fluctuations are. I eat and exercise normally during this time, when I’m not being violently ill, so there’s that. I’m essentially thrown off track every month and it’s really discouraging. This picture shows the magic of gaining and losing, but what it doesn’t show is that within the next few days I got down to 156.  Losing a total of 10 lbs in 10 days is insane, not healthy, and my gynecologist will be hearing from me very soon.

What Went Right:

I hit the 150’s for the first time since my very early 20’s. What a feeling! I found bones that I forgot existed and I can’t remember my arms ever being this thin and toned. I totally owe that to yoga. To be completely honest, there were moments last year when I thought I’d never hit this point and I can’t quite articulate how good this feels and how much more it makes me want to keep going.

I’ve gotten up to 5.5 mile runs. That’s kind of a big deal. Usually, I go out with intentions for hiking peacefully through the woods and it always turns into a run. My hike/runs have been sporadic because it has been so cold and snowy this winter. I’m a total wimp when it comes to cold now.  I did get some relatively cheap, good gear for winter running, since I rediscovered my love for it and have finally found a trail in Raleigh that isn’t paved.  There is no better therapy than getting completely covered in mud.

New Goals:

My new goal is to hit 150 by June 15th, which is right on track with my slow but steady weight loss goal that I made over a year ago. Since moving pushed me back into the momentum I had, I have no doubt that I will lose 7 lbs in the next 12 weeks.  Maybe I’ll even be in the 140’s  by then.  That would absolutely blow my mind.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What is your most recent success?

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14 thoughts on “Fitness Lately: Reaching Goals, Lady Problems, and Finding New Bones

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  10. You’re doing so well! Slow and steady wins the race. I didn’t know you were doing 5.5 mile runs now, wtf! That is an incredible amount. I’ve never run that far at one time in my life. I don’t think I could even run 1 mile at this point. Bollocks. I SHOULD be on a weight loss journey, but I have yet to find that momentum. Maybe I’ll start up on Monday- IF YOU REMIND ME. My weight loss all depends on you, Meghan. Just remember that.



  11. Congrats on goal-setting and going after them! I have this extreme hate/sometimes love relationship with working out, so my most recent success was 9 straight days of workouts. It’s hard for me to find consistent motivation to work out when I’m not part of a team sport! Do you always run by yourself or with other people?

    • I can get that. I used to hate exercising, but somewhere along the way I managed to trick myself into loving it. I always run alone. I get too competitive and burn out quickly if I run with others. Weird, right?
      Nine days is crazy awesome — good job! Make sure you take a rest day somewhere in there. 🙂

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