Scattered Thoughts and Moving

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It’s been a crazy week.  I spent the past 7 days moving boxes, updating addresses on everything, and generally being a scattered mess.  Now that I sit down to work, and actually want to work in order to seek some sort of normalcy, I can’t because there are still piles of things and errands to run.  With a bunch of school and work deadlines coming up, I’m starting to feel the crunch.  However, I think the best thing for me to do right now is to finish a moving task or two and maybe go on a run to help reset my head.

How do you reset your brain for work?

5 thoughts on “Scattered Thoughts and Moving

  1. Moving takes so much energy… Good luck with all! It seems you are having a very positive approach! That is great! Greetings, Man With Van Holland Park Ltd.

  2. Oh god, moving sucks! More power to you! Reset: long run, hot bath, write down 3 things work-wise you want done and out of your life TODAY on a Post-It, and don’t eat a meal until you knock out those 3 things.

    • That’s actually a fantastic idea. Thank you! I’m going to switch out “eat a meal” for “go on a run” because I’m starving and I want to go on a run SOOOOOOO BADLY. I’m grabbing a Post-It now!

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