Quick PSA About Seed Starting

Photo Mar 04, 11 32 22 AMHere’s a lovely resource from Margaret Roach (A Way To Garden) for those of you itching to start planting some seeds.  All you have to do is enter your final frost date and it gives you all the starting dates for tons of plants.  If you don’t know your final frost date, go here. Keep in mind, there is some room for temperature deviation.  Chances are, you can go ahead and cheat by two weeks or so, but I don’t recommend taking chances with tender plants.

Bonus: If you have a container garden, go ahead and start your seeds inside to get a head start.  Make sure they get plenty of sunlight and don’t let them outside if it’s forecasted to go below 40. So far, our ten-day forecast is looking good for my wee sproutlings to finally get the fresh air they crave.  I’m so ready.

I abhor any form of math, so an opportunity to eliminate that process in gardening is too good for me to miss. Thanks, Margaret!

Do you jump the gun with your seeds? Have you already started planting? ARE YOU EXCITED, TOO?! Let me know.

3 thoughts on “Quick PSA About Seed Starting

  1. You really are like Professor Sprout, ya know. I am awful with plants. I kill them all, or my cat eats them, then pukes them up all over the place. Fun fact, we have a dead tree in our back yard, it was blown over by the wind about 5 months ago. We are too lazy to pick it up. I do not deserve to attempt harvesting a garden. Lol.

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