Vulgar Novelty Mugs And The Struggles of Shipping

I have a problem with amassing more mugs (read: novelty caffeine transmission implements) than strictly necessary.  The more the merrier, right?

Yes, I do have more mugs than dishes.  But I can totally eat SpaghettiOs out of a mug = legitimacy.

I’m always looking for funny, creative, or cool-looking mugs, so when I saw this from Urban Outfitters, I naturally pounced on it.  It was backordered and took about a million years to get here.  I’m assuming it’s from high demand because of the intrinsic awesomeness of the piece and because it clearly speaks to the voice of my generation and stuff.

Photo Jan 30, 1 53 21 PM

When it finally arrived, it was broken.  They didn’t pad it enough in the box and the slightly thinner-than-usual handle (made for dainty UO models, I’m sure) broke in transit.  Imagine my horror and sadness upon opening the box.  Oh, and I cut my thumb on it, too. I sat on the box for a few weeks while I tried to muster the ambition to take it back to the post office.  That’s the thing about Raleigh — all of the post offices are hidden and generally a pain to find.  My closest most convenient post office is housed inside of a gas station.  Weird.

The box sat in my car waiting for me to remember it when my wanderings put me within a mile of an Urban Outfitters store.  On a lark, I searched through their home section, not expecting to find it at all, when suddenly… I found it!  It was nestled behind some other, less impressive specimens, clearly hidden for an employee who had loved it, but hadn’t gotten the chance to nab it on sale.  I bought it, ran back to my car for my return, and made the switch with very little pain at all (Thanks, UO/Durham!).  It was like the universe had aligned for that moment for me to accidentally stumble upon it. Except the universe probably doesn’t care about my addiction to novelty mugs.

Photo Feb 23, 10 19 20 AM

Disclaimer: There’s coffee in the mug in the last picture.  It’s still pre-noon.

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